• Al-Qaeda threateans Tamil Nadu newspaper - Dinamalar

    Chennai: A threat letter, stating ‘Yesterday Paris — Charlie Hebdo, tomorrow Dinamalar’, was received at the office of the Tamil daily in Royapettah on Monday. The Chennai police are probing the threat claimed to have been sent by The Base Moment of the Al-Qaeda.

    According to police sources, the letter was addressed to the Editor of the newspaper and was received at its office on Whites Road.

    The Investigating officer said, "The letter had a map of India with the threat message typed across, it read - ‘Yesterday Paris — Charlie Hebdo, tomorrow Dinamalar’. There was a photograph of Osama bin Laden on the right hand side with ‘by al-Qaeda’ message typed in English and Arabic", he added.

    The letter seems to have been posted from Coimbatore with the sender’s address reading The Base Moment, 3/10 Ukkadam, Kovai, Tamil Nadu. An investigation is under way on the origin of the letter and whether the sender’s address is authentic.

    The newspaper authorities approached the office of the Director General of Police with the threat letter and lodged a formal complaint, which was forwarded to the Chennai City Police for investigation.

    Meanwhile, police security has been provided for the newspaper’s office.


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  • PM Modi, President Obama pour their hearts out in 'Mann ki baat'

    New Delhi: The bonhomie between US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued at a special radio broadcast of Mann ki Baat that was aired on Tuesday night.

    The two leaders touched on issues like girl child, public health and personal experiences in the 35-minute special broadcast. The programme was conducted by Modi who read out the questions received from various parts of the country. Introducing the US President, Mr Modi said, “Barack in Swahili means a person who is blessed.”

    At the outset, Mr Modi said most of the questions posed by people were “connected to politics, foreign policy, economic policy. However, some questions touch the heart. And I believe if we touch those questions today, we shall be able to reach out to the common man in different parts of the country.”

    As Obama and his wife Michelle left India on Tuesday afternoon for the Saudi Capital Riyadh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said President Obama’s visit has taken bilateral relations to a new level and opened a new chapter. The White House also thanked Modi and the Indian people for making the visit memorable.

    Mr Modi added that the “original commemorative stamp issued on January 26, 1950”, was on the “back cover of the US telegram” he had gifted President Obama. He also said he had presented the US President with a set of recordings from the tour of American singer Marian Anderson in 1957.

    “Farewell @WhiteHouse! Your visit has taken India-USA ties to a new level & opened a new chapter. Wish you a safe journey,” Mr Modi tweeted as President Obama took off for Saudi Arabia in his Air Force One Presidential aircraft, concluding his three-day trip to New Delhi.

    “Thank you @NarendraModi for a memorable visit, and to the Indian people for their warm welcome,” the White House said in a tweet, which was re-tweeted by Mr Modi.

    Mr Obama, accompanied by his wife Michelle, folded his hands in a traditional “namaste” and waved before boarding Air Force One at the Palam airport where Union Minister of State Piyush Goyal and, foreign secretary Sujatha Singh, were among those present.

    In another tweet, Mr Modi said, “Original commemorative stamp issued on 26th Jan 1950 is on back cover of the US telegram I gifted President Obama.” In yet another tweet, he said, “Presented President @BarackObama a set of recordings from the tour of American singer Marian Anderson in 1957. The recordings consist of Ms Anderson’s interview to AIR & a video capturing her rendition of the hymn ‘Lead Kindly Light’ at Gandhi Smriti.”

    The visit of President Obama was fruitful as both countries had broken the logjam over operationalisation of the Indo-US nuclear deal although questions are being raised in some quarters on the actual financial liability that the foreign nuclear suppliers will face in case of a nuclear disaster.

    Will be back to see the Taj, vows Michelle

    President Barack Obama and Michelle may not have been able to see the Taj Mahal this time but the US First Lady on Tuesday said she will be back in India for a visit to the ‘monument of love’. When asked whether she was disappointed at not being able to see the Taj, Michelle said, “I am and I will be back.”

    Obama and Michelle were scheduled to visit Agra today but the trip was cut short as the US President decided to go to Saudi Arabia to pay condolence to the Royal family following death of King Abdullah. A number of world leaders and their spouses had visited Agra to see the Taj Mahal.


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  • Australia: Indian Eatery in Melbourne Barred From Hiring Foreign Workers

    Melbourne, Australia (PTI): An Indian eatery in Melbourne has been barred from recruiting foreign workers and fined about US $12,000 for repeated breaches of the country's migration law.

    The well-known eatery, which immigration authorities have refused to name, was fined 15,300 Australian dollars last year for various offences, including underpaying foreign staff and failing to keep proper records.

    After further breaches were discovered this month, immigration authorities have now barred the eatery from bringing workers on skilled 457 visas, the Herald Sun reported.

    Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Michaelia Cash said the restaurant was among many businesses being monitored for breaches of the 457 sponsorship programme.

    "Businesses acting in good faith have nothing to fear, but we want to send a strong message that if you breach your obligations, you can expect to face the consequences, including fines and cancellation of your sponsorship," she said.

    The 457 visa programme is controversial, especially as it has been bringing a high number of foreign workers to the country amid rising unemployment.

    As of September last year, there were about 1,10,000 people in Australia on 457 visas.

    The well-known eatery, which immigration authorities have refused to name, was fined 15,300 Australian dollars last year for various offences, including underpaying foreign staff and failing to keep proper records.

    After further breaches were discovered this month, immigration authorities have now barred the eatery from bringing workers on skilled 457 visas, the Herald Sun reported.

    Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Michaelia Cash said the restaurant was among many businesses being monitored for breaches of the 457 sponsorship programme.

    "Businesses acting in good faith have nothing to fear, but we want to send a strong message that if you breach your obligations, you can expect to face the consequences, including fines and cancellation of your sponsorship," she said.

    The 457 visa programme is controversial, especially as it has been bringing a high number of foreign workers to the country amid rising unemployment.

    As of September last year, there were about 1,10,000 people in Australia on 457 visas. ...

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  • Obama concludes three-day visit speaking of "the future we can build together"

    New Delhi: US President Barack Obama today made strong comments promoting religious tolerance in a town hall style meeting as he closed a three-day visit to India.

    He spoke on the Indo-US relationship, and the importance of diversity as a democratic value.

    Obama said, "The relationship between India and US can be one of the defining partnerships of the century. We are one of the few nations who have gone both to the moon and Mars", he added.

    We must never stop working for the world as it should be - a world without nuclear weapons, that's our goal, said Obama.

    "India and US can work on vaccines to ensure no child dies of preventable disease. In recent years, India has lifted more people from poverty than any other country", said Obama.

    Around 2000 people, mostly youth, were present at the venue, and he had encouraging words for them, "We live in countries where a grandson of a cook can become President and son of a tea-seller can become PM, Our nations are strongest when we empower our young", he added.

    Addressing women issues and equality, Obama said, "I have been treated differently for the color of my skin. Our world is strongest when we uphold the dignity of all, we treat people equally including of our women, not only the government but each one", he added.

    He recalled the the woman officer who commanded his Guard of Honour. "it's a sign of great pride and strength. Nations are more successful when their women are successful. In US we are still working to ensure women get equal opportunities, in India its the wives and mothers who hold the family together. I’m married to a strong and talented woman. Michelle isn't afraid to speak her mind or tell me when I’m wrong, which is often", he added.

    "India will succeed as long as it's not splintered along religious lines," President Obama referenced his own experience as a minority as he nudged India to fulfil its constitution's pledge to uphold the "dignity of the individual."

    He said India would succeed "so long as all Indian go to the movies an applaud an actor like Shah Rukh Khan or an athlete like Milkha Singh."

    President Obama said, "Every person have the right to practice their religion and beliefs and not practice if choose so without any persecution. No society is immune from the darkest impulses of men and too often religion has been used to tap into those instead of the light of God. The peace we seek in the world begins in human hearts." The US president said he desired to share his vision of how the two countries could strengthen their bilateral relationship.

    “Today, I want to speak directly to you, the people of India, about what I believe we can achieve together and how we can do it.

    “My commitment to a new a chapter flows from the deep friendship between our people. Michelle (the First lady) and I felt it ourselves,” he said in the last public engagement of his three-day state visit to India.

    He also propagated the religious tolerance in the country and said, "India will succeed so long as it is not splintered on religious lines."  He referred to Article 25 of the Indian Constitution. For US and India, our diversity is our strength, we have to guard against the lines trying to divide us, sectarian or any other lines, he concluded

    During the visit, Obama was the chief guest at the 66th of the Republic Day parade here Monday.

    “With the tricolor above us we celebrated the strength of your constitution... in yesterday's parade we saw the pride and diversity of this nation,” he said, adding that it was a great honour for him to be the first American president to attend the Republic Day parade.


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  • Kolkata: Bengal woman tied naked to tree, beaten

    Kolkata (IANS) Days after a woman was brutally tortured by police in West Bengal, another woman Monday alleged that she was tied naked to a tree and beaten and branded in the state's South 24 Parganas district on allegations of stealing.

    Police Monday arrested a man and his wife for the incident that occurred Sunday in Kultoli under Baruipur subdivision of the district.

    While the opposition Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) has accused the involvement of Trinamool Congress, the state's ruling party has denied the charges.

    "I was accused of stealing and a gang lead by Sanjib Maiti tied me naked to a tree and beat me with sticks. They also branded me with hot metal," said the victim who filed a police complaint.

    "We have arrested Maiti and his wife for the incident," said Baruipur sub-divisional police officer Deepak Sarkar.

    Former state minister and CPI-M leader Kanti Ganguly alleged the involvement of Trinamool activists.

    "After tying her naked to a tree, they subjected her to indescribable atrocities. She was subjected to this brutality only just because she is a CPI-M supporter. The Trinamool goons have been attacking our people for long. We demand the arrests of all the perpetrators," said Ganguly Monday after visiting the victim.

    However, Trinamool Kultoli block president Gopal Majhi has denied the allegations.

    "The entire thing has been staged by the CPI-M and their leader (Ganguly) is trying to frame us and malign the Trinamool," he said.

    The incident comes days after a woman in Birbhum district was tortured and nettle leaves rubbed into her private parts allegedly by a police team to extract information about her nephew - a local Bharatiya Janata Party leader wanted in a political clash case.

    A National Commission for Women team, headed by chairperson Lalitha Kumaramangalam, Saturday recorded the Birbhum woman's statement and assured of taking action in the matter.


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  • Obamas’ Enclosure for Republic Day: Bullet Proof but not Weather Proof

    NEW DELHI: US President Barack Obama watched the Republic Day parade today from a VVIP enclosure that was protected from bullets but not rain.

    Umbrellas were the only cover for President Pranab Mukherjee, President Obama, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and others seated in a special glass enclosure.

    As soon as he arrived in his vehicle known as The Beast, President Obama’s aides helped him into an overcoat, and then he walked to the VVIP enclosure, holding an umbrella.

    When the dignitaries were seated, security personnel and aides took over the job of holding umbrellas over PM Modi and President Obama, while First Lady Michelle Obama held her own umbrella for some time.

    President Pranab Mukherjee, seen in a fur cap, was under a special canopy.

    The Defence Ministry, which organizes the annual parade, was criticized for not being rain-ready and organizing proper cover for the VVIP enclosure or for the rest of the crowd.

    Officials say the VVIP enclosure is usually not under a shelter so that the guests can have an uninterrupted view of the fly-past.

    A steady drizzle continued for much of the morning as marching contingent and tableau moved down Rajpath, the wide avenue where the parade takes place.

    The dignitaries were luckier than some 1.25 lakh people at Rajpath, who had no choice but to sit in the rain since heavy security meant they were not allowed to get umbrellas despite the advance weather alert.

    Courtesy: Kannadiga World


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  • Miss Colombia Pauline Vega crowned Miss Universe at Miami

    Miami: Miss Colombia Paulina Vega has been crowned Miss Universe, beating out first runner-up Miss USA Nia Sanchez and contestants from more than 80 other countries at Sunday’s pageant in Miami. Vega, a 22-year-old student of business administration from Barranquilla, Colombia, said the contests leading up to Miss Universe were the first she had participated in. She also said they would be her last as she would be eager to return to her studies in Colombia after her reign.

    “It will be a dream come true to represent the woman of today. A woman that not only cares about being beautiful and being glamorous, but also cares about being a professional, intelligent, hard-working person,” Vega had said earlier in the week in talking about the role of the winner.

    Following Sanchez, the 24-year-old Miss USA from Las Vegas, Nevada, the second runner-up was Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha.

    Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell and Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen were also among the top five, emerging from the field of 88 contestants. Sanchez, a 24-year-old resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, had spoken earlier of looking forward to the often-dreaded interview portion. She had been running practice questions all week with her roommate Miss Australia Tegan Martin, who made it to the top ten.

    Sanchez has a fourth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has traveled the country teaching others. She spoke previously about equipping women to defend themselves against crime.

    “It’s just something that’s so prevalent in our society and why not empower women to take control of a dangerous situation into their own hand,” she said.

    “Today Show” personality Natalie Morales served as host of the show. Miss Colombia was crowned by the outgoing Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler of Venezuela. The broadcast included performances by singers Nick Jonas and Prince Royce.

    Crowd favorite Miss Venezuela Migbelis Lynette Castellanos was cut after the top ten. She had tremendous support and pressure locally and back home. The Miami suburb of Doral, which was host to the women during their stay, is also known as “Doralzuela” for its many Venezuelan residents. Three of the last six Miss Universe titles have gone to Venezuela, where beauty pageants are big business.

    Courtesy: Kannadiga World


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  • Haryana: 12 killed as train rams into vehicle at unmanned crossing

    Hisar (Har), (PTI): Twelve members of a family, including four children, were killed and three others injured when the vehicle they were travelling in was hit by Dhuri-Sirsa passenger train at an unmanned rail crossing in Sarsod village of Hisar today amid dense fog.

    The driver of the transport vehicle was among those killed, SHO, Government Railway Police, Hisar, Bhim Sein said.

    He said the train from Dhuri in Punjab was headed to Sirsa in Haryana when the accident occurred near village Sarsod, about 30 km from here.

    The victims belonged to village Balak here and were on their way to attend a religious function when the mishap took place, with low visibility due to fog being stated as the possible reason for the mishap, police said.

    The three injured, who were also travelling in the Tata Magic vehicle, have been admitted to the Civil Hospital at Hisar.


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  • The day Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore his name on his suit

    New Delhi: That Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves to pack a punch with his sharp taste in clothing and his love for colours is well known. On Sunday, there were more stories about the PM’s attire than even First Lady Michelle Obama, who is otherwise considered a fashion icon in her own right.


    However, Modi outdid himself on Sunday evening during his famous Hyderabad House interaction with US President Barack Obama when he sported a dark blue pin stripe suite with, hold your breath, his name stitched a thousand times across the fabric.


    Zoomed images of the suit, claimed to be worth 4000 pounds on Twitter, were being shared widely on the microblogging site. Have a look:

    But the Indian prime minister is not the first one to don his own name on the fabric of his suit. Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had already accomplished the feat as per this photo.

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  • Mysuru: Driver in Running Bus Suffers Heart Attack, Saves 40 Passengers before Dying

    Mysuru: A rare sense of commitment and quick thinking was shown by a KSRTC bus driver even after suffering a heart attack while driving here on Tuesday.

    Channnegowda (50) was driving a passenger bus from Mandya to Mysuru. When it reached close to Colombia Asia hospital in the city, he suffered a heart attack. Yet his mind was alert and he managed to bring the bus to halt by the side of the road. Unfortunately, the heart problem took its toll and he was found dead immediately.

    The passengers, 40 in number, were unnerved for a while but soon recovered. They were sad that his life could not be saved, while he had saved many people's lives. On a busy street, there was a high mishap potential, if it was not stopped by the side.


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  • Bengaluru: Raghaveshwara Bharati Files Fresh Appeal in Sexual Assault Case

    Bengaluru: Shri Raghaveshwara Bharati Swamiji of Shri Hosanagara Math, who faces charges of sexual assault on a former female vocalist of his Math, has filed a fresh appeal over the Constitutional validity of the medical examination ordered on him.

    He has questioned the ruling of the single-judge bench which had rejected his earlier appeal. The revision appeal, which has named the state government, the CID and the Union government as respondents, is likely to be heard by a division bench soon.

    The Swamiji had complained that he was being made to undergo medical examinations without assigning any reasons. Such a process violated his personal rights, his advocates had argued.

    A single-judge bench, on Dec 3, had dismissed his appeal, against which the revision appeal in question has been filed.

    On the other hand, an appeal from the Swamiji seeking cancellation of the sexual assault charges against him is still pending in the court. Following the recusal by five judges in a row, a new bench is yet to be constituted by the chief justice.


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  • Rape on devotee; Verdict against Nityananda on Feb 9

    Bengaluru: The Third Additional District and Sessions Court, Ramanagara, will pronounce its judgment in a rape case against self-proclaimed godman Nityananda, on February 9.

    Arathi Rao, a one-time devotee of Nityananda, has accused later of raping her.

    The case was handed over to Criminal Investigation Department for a probe. During the hearing of the case on Tuesday, the court directed the CID to submit all records and evidences pertaining to the case.

    Nityananda’s counsel C V Nagesh told reporters that the court took “positive consideration” of his arguments. He said that while the CID claims to have  questioned 48 witnesses and recording their statement, it had not mentioned anything about the witnesses and their statements in the charge sheet.

    “Hence, the judge directed them to submit all records and evidences collected so far about the case to the court,” Nagesh said.

    Meanwhile, senior advocate Prameela Nesargi moved the court by filing a petition seeking removal of the name of actor Ranjitha from the case.

    “Ranjitha is neither an accused nor a witness in Arathi Rao’s case. But her name is often referred to, which is not correct. Hence, I have requested the court to remove Ranjitha’s name from the case,” she said.

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  • Thiruvananthapuram: Indian Students Develop Vehicle That Delivers Mileage of 200Km/l

    Thiruvananthapuram (IANS): Three sixth semester mechanical engineering students here have designed and developed a prototype vehicle which runs more than 200 kilometres per litre of petrol.

    "It is a wonderful innovation and needs to be promoted considering the energy crisis and rising oil prices", said B. Anil, the Principal of Government Engineering College, Barton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram, to reporters, Wednesday.

    This prototype was shipped for the International Fuel Efficiency Contest, "Shell Eco Marathon", to be held at Philippines Feb 26 to March 1. "This is the only entry from Kerala for the competition in which more than 120 teams from 16 countries will take part," said Bibin Sagaram, team leader of the project.

    The vehicle is powered by a Honda GX35 engine and uses light weight materials, advanced aerodynamic techniques besides advanced tuning for extreme efficiency.

    The design of the body of their vehicle is inspired by the golf ball which has a highly aerodynamic construction. The vehicle weighs just around fifty kilograms. The other two students Ronith Stanly and S.Vishnu Prasad along with a faculty of theirs will be taking part in the competition.

    The project was undertaken under the guidance of two of their teachers Santhosh Kumar and Anver Sadath.

    Santhosh Kumar told IANS that this project was part of a study that was funded by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) under the Technology Development and Adaptation Programme.

    "The trial run was conducted and this is a vehicle that will take one passenger and has two wheels in the front and one at the rear. The steering wheel is similar to that of a three wheeler. The driver can sit in a reclining position and steer the vehicle. We will be making some more changes as we have time till July to complete the project," said Kumar.

    The vehicle has advanced safety features including collision warning system, engine temperature monitor, seat belt. The vehicle's chassis is made out of light-weight aluminium and the body is made out of extremely strong fibreglass and polycarbonate.


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  • State Excise minister resigns

    Belagavi: Satish Jarkiholi state Excise minister, who has backed Mr. Siddaramaiah strongly in the past, tendered his resignation as Cabinet Minister on Tuesday.

    The development comes at a time when the Chief Minister has been consistently under pressure from his own partymen over Cabinet portfolios, and the Opposition parties over the Arkvathi denotification issue.

    Mr. Jarkiholi, who was reportedly not happy with the Excise portfolio, had been requesting for a change.

    In what was seen as a hint of things to come, he was not present at the Belagavi airport on Sunday to greet Mr. Siddaramaiah.

    Mr. Siddaramaiah had told presspersons at Kundargi in Gokak taluk, at a private function on Sunday, that he was unaware of the absence of Mr. Jarkiholi and that his request for a change could be addressed during the impending Cabinet reshuffle.

    On January 3, minister had announced in Bengaluru that he was unhappy with the Excise portfolio. It is said he had no power to do much in the department as the Karnataka Beverages Corporation was vested with the authority to take all the major decisions, including regarding issuance of permits. He had said that the portfolio did not allow him to mingle with the people.

    The 51-year-old Satish belongs to an affluent business family in Belagavi. Till recently, he was the director of Satish Sugars company. Siddaramaiah had faced embarrassment recently when Satish had said that sugar factories were charitable organisations. He had said this in the backdrop of farmers’ representatives and the opposition parties demanding the intervention of the government to ensure sugar factories cleared the dues of sugar cane growers.

    The minister was also under immense pressure from the chief minister that he should get factories to pay the arrears of last year. ...

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  • I&B ad quotes Preamble without the word 'secular' and 'socialist'

    New Delhi: If print advertisements published by the Information and Broadcasting (I&B) Ministry on Republic Day are to be believed, then the people of the country no longer need to solemnly resolve to keep India “secular”.

    The I&B ministry wished us a happy Republic Day yesterday. It did so through various half-page advertisements in English and Hindi newspapers that carried a message – every newspaper had a different ad – by the Prime Minister himself.  All the ads, though, had a common feature – the background carried a watermark of the Preamble to the Constitution of India.

    Now, the last time we checked this is what the first line of the Preamble to our Constitution reads:

    “We, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC, REPUBLIC and to secure all its citizens.”

    The Preamble that features in the I & B Ministry’s ads, however, reads differently, without the words “secular” and “socialist”. Two important words. While the relevance of the latter can be debated in current economic times with governance models the world over no longer being “ism” or “ist” oriented, the former is central to the nation as envisioned by those who fought for and consolidated India. Both these words are curiously (and conspicuously) missing in the I & B ministry’s version of the Preamble.

    Genuine oversight?

    Our multiple calls to the I & B Ministry was an exercise in futility, and we kept getting redirected to a slew of similar sounding numbers.

    Meanwhile, since we failed to get any official response from the ministry, which published the ad, it would be speculative to substantiate any motive behind the move. To give the government the benefit of doubt, it may have just used the original version of the Preamble for purely aesthetic purposes, in which case, it is not illegal to do so. However, a statement from the ministry is more than due to set the record straight. Given that the ministry is representative of the country and the government, it could have been more careful. At a time where optics and symbolic gestures have become key strategies of the Modi government to communicate its agenda, the omission of the word “secular” in a government ad does not seem bright. It would be interesting to see if R-day ads carrying the Preamble under the United Progressive Alliance also carried such omissions.

    The words “secular”, “socialist” and “integrity” were added to the Preamble in 1976 by the then government, through the 42nd Amendment Act. Secular and socialist were added to substitute the line “…sovereign democratic republic…” to “…sovereign socialist secular democratic republic… .”

    While the word integrity was added to change the line “…assuring the unity of the nation” to make it “…assuring the unity and integrity of the nation… .”

    The current Preamble includes these words and in case a government wants to remove or add anything new to the Preamble, it would have to go through the route of a Constitutional amendment under Article 368. The amendment can only be effected if the government manages to achieve a special majority — both the Houses should pass it with more than 50 per cent of total number of members along with two-thirds of members present and voting.

    Thus, the government to amend the Constitution or the Preamble has to follow due procedure and not do so on a whim or an ad. “This is totally wrong. The government should apologise and print a new ad with the correct Preamble. They cannot remove words that are part of the basic structure now without a Constitutional amendment,” said Colin Gonsalves, founder of Human Rights Law Network and senior advocate. He added that it is unthinkable for the government to remove a word like “socialist”, which essentially implies to establishing a pro-people and pro-poor democracy.

    “Legal or not, it is immoral. The Preamble to the Constitution is a sacred document and can’t be quoted in parts,” said Jagdeep Chhokar, founder member, National Election Watch, Association of Democratic Reform. The website Indiaresists has carried a petition to condemn the “mischievous” advertisement.

    The story will be updated as soon as we hear from the I&B ministry.


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  • Mangalorean Shilpa Hegde - Asst Staff Secretary at US White House

    Mangaluru: The three day visit of US President Barrack Obama ended today with a blockbuster address at Siri fort in New Delhi. Among the top brass who landed in India along with the president include Shilpa Hegde, who hails from Mangaluru.

    Being the Senior Assistant Staff Secretary at The White House President's office for many years she accompanied the POTUS to India. Born and brought up in US, Hegde has completed her studies in law. Shilpa Hegde, after her studies served the democratic party.

    She is the daughter of eminent doctor Sadananda Hegde who is an ex-student of KMC Hospital and medical college, presently settled in the US.

    She is also the niece of Dr B Vasanthi Shetty, former HOD of the OBG Department at K S Hegde hospital.

    She also visits Mangaluru and Udupi every year along with her parents.

    Reflecting his special affection, President Barack Obama had appointed a record number of Indian-Americans in the first year of his second innings at the White House, recognising the inherent talent of this ethnic community.

    President had appointed Shilpa Hegde as the Assistant Staff Secretary for Office of the Staff Secretary along with more than a dozen Indian-Americans who were given key positions in the White House.


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  • Bengaluru: Police shoot two home burglary suspects in Vidyaranyapura

    Bengaluru(DHNS): Police shot and wounded two home burglary suspects at Sapthagiri Layout in Vidyaranyapura during the wee hours of Tuesday. 

    The shootout took place around 5 am at Spatagiri Layout, when the officials were trying to stop the suspects.

    According reports, police inspector Punith had to open fire in self-defence as defiant suspects attacked and injured one of the officials with iron rod. The suspects have sustained gun injuries in their legs in the police firing and were rushed to Victoria hospital to treat their wounds.

    In the incident, police head-constable Nagabhushan sustained injuries, who has been admitted to a private hospital.

    The suspects have been identified as Mithun and Akhil both from West Bengal. They were trying to commit a home burglary at Sapthagiri Layout when a team of cops confronted them, according to reports.

    A case has been registered in Vidyaranyapura police station.


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  • Bank Robbery: 61 kg gold robbed; CCTV footage destroyed

    Hassan: Thieves drilled into the wall of the Cauvery Grameena Bank and robbed 61 kg of gold and Rs 14.5 lakh in cash on Sunday night January 25.

    According to the police, the burglars drilled through the rear wall of the bank, located near Didaga gate on NH 75.

    They broke open the strong room, pushed the locker down and broke it using heavy objects, said the police. Moreover they also smashed the CCTV cameras and stole the video footage.

    Senior bank and police officials visited the premises on Monday. Forensic and fingerprint analysts collected evidence.

    The customers of the bank turned chaotic once the news of the bank robbery spread. It is learnt that more than 800 people had availed gold loan. However Chairman Somashekhar Shastry assured them that the bank had been insured.

    Deputy Superintendent of Police Ravi D Channanna said an attempt was made to break into the bank seven months ago, following which bank officials were briefed on security requirements.  However, the bank did not have a guard on duty at the time of the incident.

    Six teams are out to track down the burglars, Channanna said. The police have registered a case.

    It may be recalled that on January 13 robbers drilled into the wall of a jewellery shop in Muneshwara Block, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bengaluru and made away with five KG of silver and 500 gm of gold ornaments, together worth Rs 25 lakh.  The burglars drilled a hole of about one-and-half feet into the building where the shop is located and went in. They also destroyed CCTV cameras installed inside, the police said.


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  • Nine-year-old boy run over by city bus

    Mangaluru: A 9-year-old boy died in an accident after a bus hit him at KS Rao Road on Wednesday January 28.

    The deceased has been identified as Anand Raj, a student studying in fourth standard at Ganapathy School at Janatha Bazar.

    According to the onlookers, three students including Anand Raj were on their way to school when the accident took place. A city bus 13B named 'Golden' going towards State Bank from Kunjathbail hit the backpack of Anand Raj. The child fell and the bus ran over him, killing him on the spot.

    It is learnt that Anand's elder brother Rajkumar, who is studying in 7th standard, was holding Anand's hand when the bus rammed into the boy.

    Anand Raj was the son of Sumithra and Rajamani from Ballana house in Kateel. The bus driver escaped from the spot soon after the accident. Traffic west police have registered a case.


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  • Kundapur : Cops launch search for blackmail gang which victimised youth

    Kundapur: The Kundapur police have arrested two persons in connection with a shocking case of alleged blackmail of a youth  by demanding  a cash of Rs 10 lakh from the latter after threatening to upload a photo of him kissing a girl, on social sites. It is learnt there are a total of six accused including a young woman in the case.

    The victim is Shashank. It is learnt the gang of five  had  resorted to the act owing to a previous enmity with Shashank when they were all working in a hotel at Ramadurga.

     It is learnt, the gang had first made a young woman from Basrur give a missed call to Shashank. However when he did not respond to  the same, she started sending him SMSes. Finally when an unknowing Shashank  responded,she asked him to come to Herikere on BH road. No sooner Shashank saw her, the five youngsters accosted him and forced  Shashank to lock lips with the  young woman. It is said Shashank, finding no other way did so and the same was videographed by the accused who later demanded Rs 10 lakhs  if he did not want them to upload the video on social sites. The incident is learnt to have taken place on January 21. Shashank had then reportedly managed to escape from their clutches, though  they had snatched his cheque book and documents pertaining to his two-wheeler.

    It is said the gang once again accosted him the next day and threatened him following  which Shashank lodged a police complaint.

    It is said Girish from Kalthodu near Byndoor is the prime accused in the case and  that both Girish and Shashank had a fight while working in a hotel at Ramadurga some years ago.

    The other accused have been identified as   Sandeep, Ramesh and Gururaj. Police have launched a search for the remaining accused.


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  • Sorake accuses Centre of not releasing funds for his Urban Development Dept

    Puttur:   State Minister for Urban Development Vinay Kumar Sorake has accused the Union Government of not releasing funds for his department despite the state government sending proposals in this regard.

    Speaking to reporters here on January 27, Tuesday, Sorake said so when scribes questioned him regarding the complaint that the State government had not released funds to solve drinking water problem to the DK Zilla Panchayat. While stating that the state government was not biased in any way, the minister instead chose to blame the Centre for the same.

    He said the Puttur TMC would be upgraded into a CMC and a notification in this regard would be issued within a week.

    On this occasion, the minister was also highly critical of the BJP for hurling accusations against CM Siddaramaiah in the Arkavathy denotification issue and said  the allegations were false.

    Shakuntala Shetty, Puttur MLA, Kavu Hemanath Shetty, Block Congress President and other party leaders were present.


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  • "Need to provide water to every part of the district in summer"

    Udupi: District in-charge secretary Maheshwar Rao, said in a meeting at DC office on Tuesday, "providing water to every part of the district in summer is important, so necessary steps should be taken right now."

    On the occasion he also directed the officials to take steps to identify the water-scarce areas and preserve the existing resources,which he said is very important. He added that permanent drinking water facility is the only solution to this problem.

    Under Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation, 847 houses of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes have been approved to get the facility, said Ms. Kanagavalli,CEO.

    R. Vishal, DC, said proposal for the construction of two multi-purpose shelters, three bridges and 29 connecting bridges under National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project (NCRMP) in Udupi district at a cost of Rs. 40 crore has been submitted to the government.

    He also directed the Departments of Agriculture and Horticulture to give priority to increase productivity.

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  • Udupi: Inquiry in Progress against Cop involved in Rs 25-lakh Fake Porn Video Blackmail

    Udupi: A departmental inquiry against suspended police constable Sudheer has been taken up by the district police.

    One Mohammed Shamil had blackmailed a relative who had a married daughter and shown him video clippings of a woman in a porn movie who resembled her. He told the father that the police from Delhi and Bengaluru were looking for her on sex trade charges and that she would soon be arrested. He also demanded Rs 30 lakh from him, failing which the clippings would be uploaded to the Internet.

    Police constable Sudheer, who was in charge of cyber-crime detection, had joined hands with him in the blackmail. The victim of the blackmail obtained a loan by pledging his house and paid Shamil Rs 25 lakh. Thereafter he realized that the claim was false and that the clippings were not of his daughter.

    On Sep 1, he complained to the town police. Shamil was arrested on Sep 5, while Sudheer had been absconding. In the meanwhile, he obtained an anticipatory bail from the state high court.

    Since it is a grave case of misuse of his post and uniform, which had brought a bad name to the department, superintendent of police Annamalai is said to have taken a serious note of it. A departmental inquiry is being held against Sudheer.


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  • Court proclaims life imprisonment to a bus conductor for raping a boy child.

    Mangaluru: A bus conductor named Tejaksha (28), has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the chief district and sessions court and special court under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act here for raping a boy.

    Tejaksha had been accused for raping a nine-year-old student of a school at Kuthethur near Mangaluru about 18 months ago. Through the judgment delivered on Tuesday January 27th, the court also slapped a fine of Rs 55,500 on him.

    The accused was pronounced guilty by the court on January 24th, and had reserved its orders on quantum of sentence to Tuesday.

    Judge Uma M G, also announced additional sentences as follows: one month rigorous imprisonment for illegal confinement under section 341 of Indian Penal Code, two years of rigorous imprisonment for murder threat under section 506, apart from the said fine, which is made up of Rs 50,000 under POCSO Act section 4, and the balance for other offences stated above. In case of failure to pay fine, he will have to undergo additional jail terms.

    The court has ordered payment of Rs 50,000 to the boy from the fine collected. To avail it, the boy’s parents will have to approach the committee formed for the purpose.

    In this case, Pushparaj K Adyantaya, Chief public prosecutor, had presented the arguments on behalf of the prosecution.

    Courtesy: Kannadiga World


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  • BJP wants cases against Kalladka Bhat, Hindu activists dropped; plans district-wide protest

    Puttur: The BJP is planning to hold  protests across the district  from January 29 to February 2 in support of its demand to withdraw cases  registered against senior RSS leader Kalladka Prabhaker Bhat and several other Hindu activists who the party claims  are ‘innocent.

    Dr Prasad Bhandry, President of the Virat Hindu Hridaya Sangama Samithi  who spoke to reporters here on January 27, Tuesday  charged Congress leaders of pressurising the police to file cases against  Hindu activists.

    He said the protest will be organised under the joint aegis of VHP, Bhajrangdal, Hindu Jagarana Vedike, BMS, ABVP and other organisations.

    Deekaiah Peruvody, Puttur unit Chief of VHP, Sanjeeva Matandoor, District unit General Secretary of the BJP and other party leaders were present at the press meet.


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  • Trio arrested for plotting to murder businessman- Revolver and cleaver seized.

    Udupi: Udupi DCIB cops have arrested three persons with underworld link for planning to kill a Shirva-based businessman on Tuesday January 27th.

    The arrested are Dinakar Poojary (29), a resident of Hebri, Sandeep Mogaveera of Kunjalu in Udupi, and Arvind Nayak (31) of Manchakal, Shirva.

    Udupi_Police_Investigation (2)

    The police arrested the trio during a tip-off from Menasinahadi falling under Hiriadka police station jurisdiction on Tuesday.

    The cops have seized a revolver that was kept prepared for carrying out the crime, two live bullets, a cleaver and three cell phones from the accused.

    Police sources have said that the accused possess links with the underworld.

    The accused and the weapons have been handed over to Hiriadka police for further investigations.

    Among the accused, Dinakar Poojary faces four cases in Hebri police station, while Arvind Nayak is an accused in two cases, one in Malpe and the other in Padubidri police station.

    Under the guidance of Udupi SP Annamalai, police commissioner Santosh Kumar, ACP K M Chandrashekar, led by Udupi DCIB inspector T R Jaishanker, Udupi circle inspector K Srikanth, Udupi city sub-Inspector Madhu T S and staff took part in this operation.

    Courtesy: Kannadiga World


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Mangalore News
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Mumbai Rounds
  • Mumbai: Cricketer K L Rahul visits Payyade Sports Club

    Mumbai: Indian Cricketer K L Rahul who was here to inaugurate the Bunts Annual Sports Meet 2015 on 25th January visited Payyade Sports Club, Kandivali here.
    The Tulu speaking cricketer who scored a century recently in the International test series was felicitated by Dr P V Shetty, Chairman of Payyade Sports Club. The players of the club congratulated him for his achievements.

    The tall, elegant right-hand batsman who can keep wicket in a crisis, K L Rahul is among the most highly rated opening batsmen in India's next generation. Rahul was a part of India's squad in the 2010 Under-19 World Cup and made his first-class debut later that year. Having taken a while to establish himself as a first-class cricketer, he enjoyed a breakthrough 2013-14 season, laying the foundation for Karnataka's Ranji Trophy victory with 1033 runs, which included three centuries, three nineties, and a Man-of-the-Match performance in the final. Rahul attracted plenty of attention at the subsequent IPL auction, and finally went to Sunrisers Hyderabad for Rs. 1 crore (US$ 166,000 approx.).

    He was a regular member of their side in the 2014 season, mostly as wicketkeeper-batsman, but his contributions with the bat were steady rather than spectacular. In the long format, however, his technique and application have impressed some of Indian cricket's most respected names. These include Rahul Dravid, with whom Rahul shares not just a name but also a strong rapport, regularly seeking him out for technical and mental advice.

    Rahul had a middling tour of Australia with the India A team in July-August 2014, getting starts each time he batted in the unofficial Tests but only managing a top score of 52. But his appetite for runs was back to normal by the time the 2014-15 domestic season began, and twin centuries in the Duleep Trophy final earned him a place in India's Test squad on their tour of Australia.


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  • Mumbai Crime: Caught Drink Driving, MBA Student Bites Off Cop's Finger

    Mumbai (mid-day): In a show of brazenness that has shaken up the police department, one of two MBA students caught for drink driving slapped a policeman while the other bit off a part of the little finger of a constable who came to his colleague's rescue.

    Since the cops couldn't find the bitten-off portion of the little finger for nearly three hours, it could not be reattached and the constable will have to live without one-third of his finger for life.

    Around 1 am on Sunday, a team of five constables from the Borivli police had set up a roadblock (nakabandi) on the Rajendra Nagar Bridge (rail over bridge) in Sumer Nagar. "At 2.50 am, we spotted two men on an Activa, which was being ridden in a rash and negligent manner. The men were also making a lot of noise. When we stopped them at the nakabandi, we noticed that both of them were reeking of alcohol," said Suresh Chaugule, one of the constables present for the nakabandi.

    Violations galore

    The men identified themselves as Ashvinkumar Ramnath Singh (29) and Abhishekh Jitendra Pandey (27). They had come to Mumbai from Delhi for their MBA and were staying in Charkop.

    The policemen asked Pandey, who was riding the scooter, for a driving licence and papers, but they did not have anything. Pandey was not even wearing a helmet. The cops then decided to take the students to the police station, charge them for drink driving, and let them go in the morning. "When we escorted them to the police van, where they were supposed to wait, they were not even able to stand properly. I asked them why they were riding the scooter when they were drunk and one of them said, 'Daru piya to tu kar kya lega' (Yes, we have consumed alcohol. What can you do about it)," said Chaugule.

    Singh than slapped Chaugule hard, prompting the other four constables to rush to the van to save him. Constable Deepak Gite was standing closest to Pandey and the latter immediately caught hold of Gite's left hand and bit his little finger. No one could understand what was happening and a huge amount of blood began flowing from Gite's hand.

    Finger hunt

    Gite was rushed to Shatabdi Hospital in Kandivli, while Singh and Pandey were taken to the Borivli police station. Doctors at the hospital asked the cops to take Gite to another hospital since one-third of his finger was missing. When the constable was taken to the Lifeline Hospital in Malad, the doctors asked the cops for the portion that had been bitten off.

    "We searched the whole area where he had been bitten and even looked inside the police van. We finally found the missing portion of the finger in a corner of the van, under the seat, around 6 am," said a policeman from the team. The doctors, however, said that it was too late to attach the missing portion, and Gite was discharged from the hospital last evening.


    Police said that Pandey and Singh had been drinking heavily. They had run out of alcohol and were going to Borivli (East) to buy some more.

    Senior Police Inspector Narayan Khaire, from Borivli police station, said, "We have arrested Singh and Pandey, who are from Delhi and came to Mumbai to pursue their MBA degrees. They reside in Charkop. They were produced in the holiday court and remanded in police custody."

    The duo was charged under Sections 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty), 333 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt to deter public servant from his duty), 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) of the IPC, and relevant sections of the Bombay Police Act. ...

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  • Mumbai: Tulu–Kannadiga Festival Organised by Vasai Taluk Mogaveera Sangha

    Mumbai: Vasai Taluk Mogaveera Sangha (VTMS) celebrated two-day Tulu–Kannadiga Festival on 17 and 18 January 2015 at Vasai–Virar Mahanagar Palika Ground, Vasai West.
    Karnoor Shankar Alva, President of Vasai Manikanta Seva Samiti inaugurated the two-day festival on January 17 and extended his best wishes for the special celebrations.

    Ln. Shankar K T who was present as the guest requested the Tulu–Kannadigas to support such festivals. Inspite of having large organisations in the locality VTMS is celebrating its 5th year in a very special way which no one has done before. After the stage function various entertainment and cultural events were held.
    The concluding ceremony was held on 18th January evening under the presidentship of S Y Suvarna, Vice President of Mogaveera Bank. In his presidential address he said that the organisation which is just 5 years old has achieved a lot. For the growth of the Mogaveera Bank VTMS has contributed immensely.
    Mayor of Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation Narayan Waikar was the chief guest. Addressing the gathering Mayor Narayan assured to support the Sangha to build educational institution and provide all the facilities for the same.
    Devadas Karkera who was also the Chief Guest said that in the next five years let this Sangha have its own Mogaveera Colony, School, Hospital and also a hall.
    Industrialist Goverdhan Suvarna, K B Poojary also spoke on the occasion. Virar Shankar Shetty, Uma Patil of Vasai Virar Nagara Parishat, Police Chief K S Higaje, Hotiler Ashok Shetty, Devendra Bannan of Rajaka Sangha. A K Tingalaya, President Yashodara Kotian, Hon President Raghu Suvarna, Chairperson of Ladies Wing Mohine Malpe, Secretary Pradeep Putran, Treasurer Tilak Kotian were present.
    The ‘Vidhya Nidhi’ and ‘Aarogya Nidhi’ of the Sangha were also launched on the occasion. Arpita Shetty and Chadrashekar Putran Compered the programme. Dayananda Kunder delivered the vote of thanks.
    Hemchandra Yermal and Team presented the Nada Lahari and members of the ladies wing presented a Tulu stage play on the occasion.
    The two day festival with more than 30 stalls, a food festival and Mogaveera cultural festival attracted a large number of people.


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Gulf Rounds
  • Dubai: Emirati National Lucky Twice in 3 Days at DSF’s Infiniti Mega Raffle

    UAE: The 20th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival has proven to be a truly lucky season for an Emirati national,  Ali Mohammed who has been on a winning spree since Friday, 16 January – the day he won the Infiniti Mega Raffle’s weekly prize of AED 100,000 in cash. Not stopping there, Ali went on to buy another ticket on Saturday, only to be one of the rare winners to hit the lucky trail again on 18 January by becoming the winner of the daily Infiniti Mega Raffle prize which consists of two Infiniti cars - QX60 and Q50 -    and AED 100,000 in cash.

    The double delight comes to the 36-year-old UAE national after a long wait of 18 years. “Each year I participate in DSF raffles. However, I have never won anything. When I received the call for the first win, I was with a friend and was in complete disbelief. And when I received the call for the second time round, I was shocked. I purchased the two tickets from the same place each time from the ENOC/EPPCO petrol station near Al Wasl Club in Oud Metha. I couldn’t sleep the whole night – I could barely believe what was happening to me,” said Ali.

    Ali, who works in the government sector, plans on buying more raffle tickets until the end of DSF in the hope of getting lucky one more time.

    As a DSF surprise for all the residents and visitors, shoppers can now look forward to receiving a Nissan Grand Raffle coupon with the purchase of every Infiniti Mega Raffle. With the Nissan Grand Raffle, participants can win a Nissan car every day and a Nissan Patrol every week.

    The Infiniti Mega Raffle offers DSF shoppers the opportunity to take home a whopping prize worth AED 500,000 each day of the festival until 1 February. The daily prize consists of two luxurious Infiniti models, QX60 and Q50, plus AED 100,000 in cash. Shoppers can purchase the Infiniti Mega Raffle ticket for just AED 200 at select ENOC and EPPCO petrol stations, Global Village, Gold Souk and at main streets.

    As a special gesture in celebration of the DSF 20th Anniversary, shoppers participating in the Infiniti Mega Raffle will get a second chance to win over AED 2 million in additional prizes that will be up for grabs at weekly raffle draws. At these DSF 20th Anniversary Special weekly draws, five lucky shoppers stand to win cash prizes of AED 100,000 each.

    The 20th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival is organised by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), an agency of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and will run until 1 February.


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  • Dubai: Indian Republic Day Kavi Sammelan and Mushaira on 29 Jan

    UAE: This Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), poetry lovers in Dubai can once again look forward to being part of the Indian Republic Day – Kavi Sammelan and Mushaira on 29 January at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium - Indian High School.

    The much-awaited poetry evening is a cultural event being organised during Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) for the 13th consecutive year and features a host of prominent Hindi and Urdu poets.

    The event will feature the participation of top literary personalities who will gather on one stage to delight fans with their verses – bringing alive traditions in an interactive format. Popular names to look forward to include Waseem Barelvi, Dr Kaleem Qaisar, Anamika Ambar, Ambareen Amber, Anjum Rahbar, Jauhar Kanpuri, Shola Tandvi, Dr Nadeem Shaad, Farooque Adil and Ashok Sundarani. The event will be hosted by Mansoor Usmani.

    Entry to Indian Republic Day Kavi Sammelan & Mushaira is by invitation only. 

    The 20th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival is organised by Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), an agency of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). The 32-day festival will conclude on 1 February.


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  • Abu Dhabi: Indian Embassy in UAE Celebrates 66th Republic Day

    UAE: The 66th Indian Republic Day was celebrated at the Indian Embassy Abu Dhabi here on January 26.

    A large number of Indian expatriates attended the Republic Day celebrations. Ambassador of India to UAE T P Seetharam, hoisted the National Flag.  

    After the National Anthem, the crowd with patriotic spirit shouted "Jai Hind" while experiencing the true spirit of being an Indian. Many of them with their traditional Indian dress white kurtha and tri-colour dress, created the Indian Republic day atmosphere in Abu Dhabi.
    The ambassador read out the message of the President of India, delivered on the Republic Day.  He greeted Indian community members from all walks of life, especially the workers from different sectors.
    Before the Flag hoisting ceremony by ambassador T P Seetharam, a flag hoisting ceremony was also held by the ISC members. President of ISC Natarajan hoisted the flag in the presence of ISC Executives, members and other dignitaries, which was followed by the National Anthem, A brief speech was given by Natrajan and later wished every one on the 66th Republic Day.

    Chairman, Board of Governors Abu Dhabi Indian School Dr B R Shetty, unfurled the tri-colour national flag of India in the presence of a large crowd consisting of parents, students, staff, Ex-chairman Mohan Jashanmal, Board of Governors and officials from Abu Dhabi Education Council. It was followed by the singing of National Anthem of India and releasing of the tri-coloured balloons signifying sacrifice, unity and peace.

    The students of various houses performed a spectacular March past. The synchronised contingents of ADIS students marched in a parade.

    B R Shetty in his address, reminded the students to be proud of India’s national unity, heritage and culture. The Principal, N C Vijaya Chandra in his welcome speech highlighted how the feeling of nationalism and patriotic fervour can be inculcated in young Indians across the globe. He emphasized on the progress made by India and invited the students to join the Prime minister’s call for ’Make in India and Clean India Campaigns’.

    There was a cultural programme making the Republic Day celebrations a memorable one.


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