• Modi takes Metro to travel to Dwarka

    New Delhi : For the first time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, april 25 travelled by Metro from Dhaula Kuan to Dwarka where he was going for a function. 

    He took the Metro to avoid inconvenience to the public on the route because of the security arrangements, sources said.

    The Prime Minister was to attend a function of the National Intelligence Academy. When the Prime Minister travels, the road is closed for sometime for his movement. 


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  • AAP’s Alka Lamba slaps ‘mentally unstable’ man for winking at her

    AAP leader Alka Lamba slapped a man who claimed to be mentally unstable after she found him looking at her an inappropriate way. The AAP MLA took this step after the man allegedly tried to misbehave with her as she was inspecting heritage mansion of renowned poet Mirza Ghalib in New Delhi.

    The youth, in his early 20s, was handed over to Kotwali Police by AAP volunteers.
    “He winked at me. He was looking at me in an inappropriate way. He also approached me near town hall, after which I slapped him. Following this, he started running. AAP volunteers who were there with me, chased him and handed him over to Kotwali Police.

    “He claimed he was mentally unstable but even by evening his family could not produce any satisfactory evidence that he was undergoing medical treatment,” Lamba, who is Delhi Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, said adding that she had asked the police to take necessary action.

    The MLA shared detail of the incident on social networking site Twitter and also posted the photographs of the youth.

    “Is manchale ko bhi nahi pata chala ki main kaun hoon, pehale muskuraya, phir aankh maari, phir kandha, phir mera kas kar chata, ab jail..” she tweeted.

    Meanwhile, police said the accused was identified as Rajesh, a resident of Baljeet Nagar area.

    “A written complaint has been made to us in this regard and we are looking into the matter,” a police officer said.


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  • US seeks 'clarification' on India's crackdown on Ford Foundation, Greenpeace

    Washington: The United States has expressed concern over India's crackdown on Ford Foundation and Greenpeace, and said it is seeking "clarification" on the action.

    "We are aware that the (Indian) Ministry of Home Affairs suspended the registration of Greenpeace India and has placed the Ford Foundation on a prior permission watch list," the State Department Deputy Acting Spokesperson, Marie Harf, told reporters at her daily news conference.

    "We remain concerned about the difficulties caused to civil society organisations by the manner in which the Foreign Contributions Regulations Act (FCRA) has been applied," she said in response to a question.

    "We are concerned that this recent ruling limits the necessary and critical debate within Indian society and we are seeking a clarification on this issue with the appropriate Indian authorities," Harf said.

    In a crackdown on foreign fundings to NGOs, the Union Home Ministry has put the Ford Foundation of the US on its "watch list" and ordered that all funds coming from the international organisation have to be routed only with its nod due to "national security concerns".

    The Home Ministry said it has decided to keep a watch on all activities funded by Ford Foundation and by exercising the powers conferred under Section 46 of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010, directed Reserve Bank of India to ensure that funds coming from it be brought to the notice of the Home Ministry.

    The Ministry said it wanted to ensure that funds coming from Ford Foundation is utilised for "bonafide welfare activities without compromising on concerns of national interest and security".

    The move came after Gujarat government asked the Home Ministry to take action against Ford Foundation as it alleged that the US-based organisation was "interfering in the internal affairs" of the country and also "abetting communal disharmony" through an NGO run by social activist Teesta Setalvad.

    Early this month, the Home Ministry had frozen seven bank accounts of Greenpeace India and barred it from receiving foreign funds for allegedly violating FCRA and "prejudicially" affecting the country's public and economic interests.

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  • Pakistani human rights activist shot dead in Karachi

    Karachi : Gunmen shot dead a Pakistani human rights activist on Friday after she hosted a talk on the politics of Baluchistan province, where security forces are fighting a separatist insurgency, police and associates said.
    Sabeen Mahmud was leaving her Karachi bookstore and cafe, The Second Floor — which also holds exhibitions and talks — when gunman attacked her in her car. Her mother, who was with her, was wounded, police said.
    "Two gunmen on a motorcycle shot her. She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead," senior police official Tariq Dharejo said, adding police were investigating the killing.
    Mahmud had just hosted a seminar called "Unsilencing Baluchistan," focusing on the disappearance of political activists in the southwestern province. The talk was originally due to be held early this month at a university in Lahore but authorities blocked it, media reported at the time.
    Rights activists accuse the security forces of carrying out extra-judicial killings of separatists in the province. Hundreds of people have disappeared and later been found dead in recent years. The security forces deny any role in the killings.
    Besides her cafe, Mahmud was also known as one of Pakistan's innovative "hacktivists." In 2013, she developed a site called "Nafrat Aggregator," which allowed users to submit hateful messages they discover online in order to shame the perpetrator.


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  • Rajya Sabha scripts history, passes Transgenders' Rights Bill

    New Delhi: For the first time in 45 years, the Rajya Sabha on Friday unanimously passed a private member's bill to accord equal rights on transgenders.

    "It is a unanimous decision of the house... This is a rare thing," Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien announced after the bill was passed by voice vote.

    The central government, however, said it will bring an improved bill as DMK member Tiruchi Shiva's bill has some practical difficulties.

    The government sources told IANS that they will bring a bill soon.

    The transgender community, meanwhile, said it was happy to receive a "positive response" from all political parties.

    The Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, 2014, moved by Shiva, calls for equal rights and reservation to transgenders and envisages creation of a national commission and state level commissions for transgender communities.

    "We all have human rights, whatever our gender identity. The bill I have presented is for an act which will create an equal society as it recognises and protects transgender persons, in all spheres of life," Shiva said while moving the bill.

    Talking to IANS later, the DMK member said: "Transgenders are as efficient as any one else. One transgender person asked me I pay my taxes, why don't I have the rights?"

    "Imagine they have gender written as female in their I-cards, but they cannot enter women's compartment in trains," he said.

    The bill will now have to be taken up in the Lok Sabha, where a member from the lower house will have to pilot the bill.

    If the bill is passed, it will be sent for presidential assent and become an act thereafter.

    "The procedure for a private member's bill is same as any other bill. It will now go to the Lok Sabha, and if it is passed there, it will go to the president. If president signs it, it will become an act," constitutional expert and former Lok Sabha secretary general Subhash C. Kashyap told IANS.

    A senior minister told IANS: "Wide consultation is needed with different departments and ministries. There are many issues, for example if reservation is provided, how will it effect other reservations..."

    In the Rajya Sabha, as Shiva pushed for putting the bill to vote, Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Thawar Chand Gehlot said the government was in consultation with several departments to formulate a law for the transgenders and urged him to withdraw the bill.

    "Emotionally, I agree with Shiva's bill, but there are some technical problems... There is some impracticality in the bill," he said. Shiva, however, remained adamant to put the bill to vote.

    After an intervention by Leader of the House Arun Jaitley, who advocated for unanimously passing the bill, it was adopted through voice vote.

    The transgender community welcomed it.

    "The bill received support from all political parties and this shows how they have become sensitive towards our issues and difficulties. I am sure it will smoothly pass in the Lok Sabha as well," Reshma, a transgender from Patna, told IANS by phone.

    Mumbai-based Gauri Sawant, a transgender, felt if the bill is passed in parliament smoothly, it will reinforce their identity in the country and also help them to get rid of the stigma.

    Members of parliament other than ministers are called private members and bills presented by them are known as private members' bills.

    Figures show since independence only 14 private members' bills have been converted into legislative acts.

    The last private member's bill passed by parliament was the Supreme Court (Enlargement of Criminal Appellate Jurisdiction) Bill, 1968, which became an act on August 9, 1970.


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  • ?End 'sarpanch-pati' culture in panchayats: PM

    New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called for ending "sarpanch-pati" culture in panchayats, the practice of husbands of women sarpanches exercising undue influence, as he pitched for a leadership role for elected village representatives to alleviate poverty and promote education.

    Recalling a political event in which someone told him that he was an SP (sarpanch-pati), Modi said, "this business of SP is going on. Law has empowered women. When law has given them the rights, they should also get an opportunity. Bring to an end this SP culture. They (women) should be given the opportunity. They should be promoted."

    Addressing the National Panchayati Raj Day function here, the Prime Minister also expressed concern over school dropouts and felt that panchayats can play a role in arresting it.

    Invoking Mahatma Gandhi, the Prime Minister said,"India lives in the villages. We need to think of how to develop our villages. Even in the remotest village, the dreams of the people are big. Think about what you can achieve in the next 5 years for your village."

    Referring to his visit to an all-women Gram Panchayat in Gujarat when he was Chief Minister, Modi said that the sarpanch told him there that her motto was to ensure that no one remains poor in the village.

    "Has Panchayats in our country ever thought that there should be no poor left in our country. If one village brings out five persons out of poverty in a year, what a big change will come in the country," he said.

    Modi said issues such as education of children in the village and their vaccination should be given special attention by panchayat members.

    The Prime Minister suggested that the sarpanches should take a lead in organizing meetings of all working and retired government employees belonging to a particular village once in a while and ensure community participation to bring about a turn around in a village in all respects.

    Noting that all these works are not linked with constraints of budgets, he said, "We will not be able to develop our villages as long as we do not have a feeling of respect and pride towards them...we have to motivate people, provide leadership."

    He said this required a firm resolve, rather than any budgetary provision. He gave some suggestions in this regard, such as celebrating a birthday of a village.

    He urged Panchayat members to work with a five-year vision with concrete development plans to bring about positive changes in their villages.

    The Prime Minister gave away the Annual Devolution Index (States) Awards, and E-Panchayat Awards, and congratulated the Zila Parishads and Gram Panchayats who were being felicitated on the occasion.


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  • Petraeus sentenced to 2 years' probation for military leak

    Charlotte : Former CIA Director David Petraeus, whose career was destroyed by an extramarital affair with his biographer, has been sentenced to two years' probation and a USD 100,000 fine for giving her classified material while she was working on the book. 

    Today's sentencing came two months after Petraeus agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material. 

    The plea agreement carried a possible sentence of up to a year in prison. In court papers, prosecutors recommended two years of probation and a USD 40,000 fine. But the judge was not bound by that. 

    The agreement was filed in federal court in Charlotte, where Paula Broadwell, the general's biographer and former lover, lives with her husband and children.


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  • Farmer’s death has saddened nation, says Narendra Modi

    New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the death of a farmer named Gajendra in Jantar Mantar had saddened the entire nation and added that at no point must a hardworking farmer think he is alone.

    “Gajendra’s death has saddened the Nation. We are all deeply shattered and disappointed. Condolences to his family,” Prime Minister Modi said on Twitter.

    “At no point must the hardworking farmer think he is alone. We are all together in creating a better tomorrow for the farmers of India,” he added.

    Earlier in the day, Gajendra, who hails from Rajasthan’a Dausa district, committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree at the Aam Aadmi Party’s rally in Jantar Mantar.

    As per reports, a suicide note was found that revealed the farmer, who had three children, was banished from his house after his crop was damaged. He took the extreme step because he had no means of support his family.

    The incident also sparked criticism for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, with opposition parties condemning that the rally went on despite the grave incident. (ANI)


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  • Shouldn't have gone ahead with the rally, says Kejriwal

    New Delhi : While politicians continue to play the blame game over farmer Gajendra Singh's death during the AAP rally, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejrwial told reporters that he shouldn't have gone ahead with his speech after learning about the farmer.

    The AAP chief also said that he went ahead with his speech after Gajendra Singh was brought down from the tree and was alive.

    Though he had planned an hour long speech that day, he spoke only for 10 minutes at the rally as he was not comfortable after the incident.

    The Delhi Police have accused AAP workers of provoking farmer Gajendra Singh for committing suicide and not making way for the fire tender to reach the spot where the unfortunate incident took place.

    In the FIR, police said that AAP leaders and volunteers did not cooperate with the police in saving the life of the farmer.
    Gajendra Singh, a farmer from Rajasthan, committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree during the Aam Aadmi kisan rally held at Jantar Mantar for opposing the Land Bill.

    The farmer climbed up a tree as top AAP leaders stood there watching the entire incident. Some people tried to save him but the branch broke and he fell down.

    He was rushed to nearby RML hospital in a police jeep, but the doctors declared that he was brought dead.


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  • Ban on Owaisi upheld by HC

    Karnataka High Court on Friday upheld an order of the Bangalore police commissioner barring All India Majilis-e-Ittedahul Muslimeen (AIMIM) president and member of parliament Asaduddin Owaisi from entering the city and participating in a public rally on April 25.

    The Bangalore police had earlier this week barred the MIM chief from entering the city from April 24 to 28 to attend an MIM rally scheduled for April 25.

    The police had cited previous cases registered against the MIM chief for alleged hate speeches to bar his entry into the city. It was the second occasion in less than months that Owaisi was being barred from leading an MIM rally at the Chota Maidan in the largely Muslim locality of Shivajinagar in central Bangalore.

    Arguing on behalf of Owaisi in the high court senior counsel Sajjan Poovayya said that Owaisi has been a representative of the people for the past 20 years and was the recipient of the ‘Sansad Ratna Award’ for best parliamentarian in 2014.

    “He is not a Pakistani national that he must obtain a permit for every city that he visits. If it is a question of law and order then the police must bring in additional forces. The constitutional right of speech and expression of Owaisi must not be suppressed,” Poovayya argued.
    The Additional Advocate General A S Ponnanna however argued that Owaisi’s speeches disturb the secular fabric of society. Owaisi has a habit of delivering inflammatory speeches, he said.

    “In every speech he provokes and creates doubts in the minds of the people against the state and its agency,” Ponnanna said. He also argued that Owasi had failed to give satisfactory responses to a show-cause notice issued by the police commissioner. Justice S Abdul Nazeer of the Karnataka high court disposed the matter after noting Owaisi’s past record and stating that the police order was not illegal.

    In February this year police commissioner MN Reddi had prohibited Owaisi from attending a proposed MIM rally in the city that was coinciding with a Vishwa Hindu Parishad rally where right wing leader Praveen Togadia had been barred for attending.

    At that time Togadia had challenged the police order in the high court and the court had upheld the commissioner’s order. Owaisi had at that time not challenged the police order in the high court.

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  • Bengaluru: Government Should take action Against unwarranted statements of HM leaders

    Bengaluru: The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) strongly condemns the highly provocative and irresponsible statement of Shri Munna Kumar Shukla, General Secretary of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, as reported in the press on 23rd April, 2015.

    The Standing Committee Meeting attended by 40 members including cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops, held from 22nd to 24th April, 2015 at St. John’s Medical College In Bangalore took a serious note of the highly objectionable and provocative statement and said, that the Christian community is greatly shocked and its susceptibilities are deeply wounded.

    Shri Shukla’s contention that attacking a Church is not illegal and that it violates no law is highly untenable and contrary to standards, norms and laws of the land. The Hindu Mahasabha leader’s statement that Churches are no longer places of worship but factories for conversion of Hindus into Christianity is highly insinuating and derogatory. He further stated that the Central Government should protect and award the youth who attack Churches. He also claimed that the Taj Mahal was previously a Shiva Temple.

    The Bishops observed that in recent times there has been an escalation of violence against Christians and other minorities together with highly unwarranted statements. All such attacks indicate a sinister pattern and evil design calculated to denigrate and defame the Christians, peace-loving and law abiding citizens of India.

    During their deliberations the Standing Committee of the Catholic Bishops of India demanded that the Central and State Governments initiate swift action to put an end to such inflammatory and provocative statements; to halt of attacks on Christians and other minorities and to ensure that communal harmony and peace is not disturbed.


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  • Keralite stabbed to death in Dubai

    Kasargod: A youngster was stabbed to death in Dubai by his roommates over a petty issue of switching off the light.

    The incident which took place on April 9 came to light lately. The deceased person was Mahin Yusuf (23) a native of Kollam in Kerala.

    News in detail: Yusuf had gone to Dubai six months ago to work. He joined a private firm there and was staying with other four persons familiar to him in a room.

    On April 9 Yusuf had reportedly switched off the light of his room as he went to sleep. The other roommates in a fit of rage stabbed Yusuf to death. It is said that the accused were inebriated state during the crime. Dubai police have arrested the accused.

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  • Civic polls in the shadow of violence: TMC worker shot dead in West Bengal

    Katwa/Barrackpore : One TMC worker was shot dead while another suffered bullet injury in Burdwan and North 24 Parganas districts as voting began in 91 municipalities across West Bengal on Saturday.
    Thirty-year old Indrajit Singh was shot at from point blank range at a polling booth near Katwa bus stand in Burdwan district. He died on the spot.
    District magistrate Saumitra Mohan confirmed the death and has sought report from the polling officials. Meanwhile, the Trinamool Congress alleged Singh, a party supporter, was shot dead while trying to prevent booth jamming at Ward no 14 by a gangster.
    SP Kunal Agarwal said, there were reports of bombing from several wards in Katwa and police were verifying the claims. At Titagarh in North 24 Parganas district, a 55-year old man sustained bullet injury while standing in queue before Andhra Vidyalaya in ward no six.
    The voter Panchu Sonkar (55), who suffered bullet injury on his foot, was taken to the local B N Bose Hospital and was now in stable condition. A senior district police officer confirmed the incident but said the identity of the accused was not known.
    Meanwhile, OSD, state election commission Sabyasachi Ghose said, "We have received reports of the two incidents but are yet to get any confirmation. There have been incidents of violence in various parts of the state where the polls are on.
    "Whenever we are receiving any report or complaint we are asking the appropriate authorities to take action," he said.
    A state police official said, shots were fired at a CPI(M) candidate at ward no 2 in North Dumdum Municipality area. Polling for the civic bodies began at 7am on Saturday for which 35 companies of central forces besides state forces have been deployed.


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  • Bomb blast victim seeks national policy on terror attacks

    Bengaluru: A petition has been filed before the High Court, by Leesha, the survivor of the bomb blast near the BJP office in Malleswaram on April 17, 2013, seeking directions to frame a national policy for compensation and rehabilitation of victims of terrorist attacks.

    The victim demanded a special committee be set up to recommend a suitable policy on the lines of Fatal Accidents Act or Motor Vehicle Act or Workmen Compensation Act.

    Leesha has suffered serious injuries due to the blast and had to undergo numerous surgeries to fix her leg and had to spend nearly Rs 10 lakh towards her treatment. The compensation given to her by the State government was very less and is facing financial trouble to meet her medical expenses, she has said.

    She has also sought Rs one crore compensation along with interest by taking into account her young age and meritorious academic record. She has also demanded the government to bear her present and future medical treatment and the entire cost of her treatment. She has also sought employment under the disability category to secure her future.

    She sought directions to the Union government to submit a copy of the intelligence report on 2013 bomb blast shared and sent to the government of Karnataka and the investigation report of the Malleswaram bomb blast with the deficiencies identified in preventing the bomb blast and the action taken by both the State and the Central government to prevent such blasts in future. Justice S Abdul Nazeer ordered notices to the State and the Union government.

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  • German Embassy releases Kal Ho Naa Ho cover featuring Salman Khurshid

    New Delhi : A cover version of the Bollywood song Kal Ho Naa Ho featuring Congress leader Salman Khurshid, German Ambassador  Michael Steiner and his wife Eliese Steiner is going viral.

    The video released on Friday on YouTube has already clocked over 25,000 views.

    The cover version of Kal Ho Naa Ho song features Ambassador Michael Steiner as Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Eliese Steiner as Preity Zinta, while Salman Khurshid plays Saif Ali Khan.

    Journalist Madhu Kishwar also makes a cameo appearance.

    The video has been reportedly made to promote the cultural contact between India and Germany.


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  • Assault on northeast students in Bengaluru; four held

    Bengaluru: Four accused of assaulting two students from Arunachal Pradesh have been arrested by Bengaluru Police on Friday.

    The four men allegedly assaulted two students from Arunachal Pradesh while they were returning from an ATM. Reportedly, they passed lewd and racist remarks to the students.

    When the students challenged them, they allegedly manhandled the girl student. One of them allegedly claimed to be the Police Commissioner's son.

    After the police registered a complaint, arrests were made.

    State Home Minister KJ George said, "We are looking into the matter. I will speak to the Police Commissioner."


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  • Karnataka HC puts off Bengaluru civic body poll

    Bengaluru : The Karnataka High Court on Friday put off elections to the city's Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) civic body.
    Setting aside a single bench order, which directed the State Election Commission (SEC) to conduct the civic poll by May 30, a division bench headed by Chief Justice D.H. Waghela and Justice Ram Mohan Reddy told the state government to hold the elections by six months, as per the 74th constitutional amendment.
    The state government filed a review petition on April 7 seeking a stay on the March 30 order of Justice B.V. Nagarathna to the SEC for holding the civic poll by May 30, as its five-year term was ending on April 22.
    State advocate general Ravivarma Kumar assured the bench that the state government would abide by its order and facilitate the SEC to hold the civic election in 198 wards across the city within six months.
    The two original petitioners (C.K. Ramamurthy and B. Somashekar), who were Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) corporators in the dissolved BBMP, said they would approach the Supreme Court next week against the civic poll postponement.
    "Postponement of the civic poll is against a ruling of the apex court in a similar case, in which it ruled that a poll panel was bound to hold local body elections before or soon after its term ends in compliance with 74th amendment," senior counsel Sajjan Poovaiah, who argued on a PIL by Namma Bengaluru Foundation on the issue said.
    The state government sought more time to hold the civic poll on the grounds that delimitation of the wards, restructuring of the civic body and reservation in many wards as per the 2011 census were not completed for various reasons.
    Though arguments and counter-arguments were completed on June 22 after three hearings over the last two weeks, the division bench reserved its order till Friday.
    The BBMP was expanded in 2007 by including seven city municipal councils and one town municipal council and 111 surrounding villages to increase civic wards to 198 from 100.


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  • Bihar royal slaps Rs 1cr defamation suit on Chetan Bhagat

    Bihar: Chetan Bhagat, "the voice of Indian youth", has been slapped with Rs 1 crore defamation suit by the scion of the erstwhile princely state of Dumraon in Bihar.

    The suit was filed in the Delhi high court by Chandra Vijay Singh for "express and implied references" to his family in Bhagat's latest book Half Girlfriend that are "false and derogatory in nature", said a report.

    Singh, the eldest son of Maharaja Bahadur Kamal Singh, a two-term Lok Sabha MP and the last ruler of Dumraon, claims that the novel defames his family by suggesting that the men of the family gamble excessively and are alcoholics.

    Bhagat denies any reference to the family of erstwhile princely state of Dumraon in Bihara and claims that there was some "misunderstanding" as his book is a work of fiction.

    "Somebody in Bihar feels they belong to the family, which is fictionally represented in the book. But it is fiction. So the question of defamation does not arise and I don't know these people. I don't even know they existed," said Bahgat in a statement.

    Rupa publications, the publisher of the book has also been named as a respondent in the defamation suit.

    Singh's son Shivang Vijay Singh said that even after sending a legal notice in November and then in  December last year to both Bhagat and Rupa Publications, no definite action had been taken by them.

    Singh also added that although Bhagat expressed regret and extended friendship to the family at one point in November, he later mocked them on Twitter.

    But in a statement on Thursday Bhagat said, "Once they said they were not happy I said, 'let's be friends and let's have a friendly chat'. That I will say to anyone. If I don't know someone exists, how will I defame them? It is a misunderstanding. They have asked us to respond to them so we will respond."

    "I also understand that the word 'Dumraon' has been changed to 'Sunraon’ or some such name in the Hindi translation of Half Girlfriend. This is a tacit admission and we were right all along," Vijay told sources late on Tuesday.

    After receiving a "vague" reply from Bhagat, Singh finally filed for defamation. He demands references to "the royal Family of Dumraon" to be expunged and the recall of all copies of the book in its present form.

    "The court will decide. It is almost a compliment if people feel my story in 'Half Girlfriend' is real, it is not. I am shocked that people feel that way," Bhagat said in reply.

    Half Girlfriend, released in October last year, has received mediocre reviews with DNA calling it  'old wine in new bottle' and Business Standard, 'half inane, half caricature'.

    (Inputs from agencies)


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  • Akashbhavan Kumar murder case : 5 convicts sentenced to life imprisonment

    Mangaluru:  The Second Additional District and Sessions Court which has convicted all five accused in the case of murder of Kavoor Mullakad resident Kumar has  sentenced them  to life imprisonment on April 24, Friday.



    Though the court had proved them guilty on April 23, but  the quantum of punishment was announced  on  Friday as one of the convicts Akshay Kottary had managed to escape from the court premises that day. He was however arrested at Suratkal the same evening. The court has also directed all the five to pay a fine of Rs 5000 each failing which they will have to undergo an additional three months of imprisonment.

    The Court has even directed the  DK Legal Service Authority to decide on the compensation to be paid to the mother of the deceased Kumar, as he belongs to the Scheduled Tribe.

    The convicts are Santosh Poojary (29) of Akashbhavan, Gautham alias Gowth (25) from Akash Bhavan,Akshay Kottary (24) from Ashoknagar, Gaurish alias Sujith (24) from Bajal and Harsharaj alias Harshith (23) from Kulshekhar.

    The murder  of Kumar alias Bongu (18)  took place near Kavoor Fourth Mile on the night of June 15, 2012. The assailants who came by a  car had accosted Kumar who was on way home with his friends after buying mosquito coils in a nearby shop. Kumar had later breathed his last in the hospital.

    It is said it was a revenge killing to avenge the attack  on Gowthu, Santosh and Gaurish  by   the rival Pradeep gang in March 2011.
    If three of the accused in Kumar murder case were arrested within three days of the murder, the remaining two were apprehended later.

    Police are still on the lookout for the sixth accused Rohidas who is absconding.


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  • Belthangady youth goes missing second time

    Belthangady: In an interesting case, a youth from Karpady in Puttila village of Belthangady taluk who went missing from Mumbai recently and was subsequently traced two weeks later, is now missing once again as per a complaint filed at Punjalakatte police station.

    The missing youth is Safwan (24). Safwan who was  working in Riyadh and was mentally disturbed after his father Aboobakker was murdered there  six months ago, though had returned to India was reported missing from the airport two months back and was later traced.

    Though he had since then been staying with his mother at Karpady, on April 9, Safwan who left home saying he would apply for an Aadhaar card at Barya panchayat office,  did not return home. After a search for him proved futile, a complaint was lodged.
    The five  feet five inch tall youth with a fair complexion speaks Kannada, Hindi, English, Arabic and Malayalam and was wearing a white shirt and black trousers when seen last.

    Anyone knowing his whereabouts can contact Punjalakatte police station( 08256-279375).


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  • Mangaluru: ‘Acche Din will never come’ BJP has forgotten to Bring back Black Money – CM During Congr

    Mangaluru: The foundation stone laying ceremony for the district Congress Bhavan was held at Mallikatta here on April 24.

    The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah, laid the foundation stone by unveiling the plaque. Later, a stage programme was held at Kadri grounds.

    The programme began with an invocation. Chairman of MUDA, Ibrahim Kodijal welcomed the gathering.

    The District Minister In-charge, B Ramanath Rai, delivered the keynote address and said that the district Congress Bhavan will be completed within a year.

    congress_Bhavan_20150424 congress_Bhavan_20150424-001 congress_Bhavan_20150424-002 congress_Bhavan_20150424-003 congress_Bhavan_20150424-004 congress_Bhavan_20150424-005 congress_Bhavan_20150424-006 congress_Bhavan_20150424-007 congress_Bhavan_20150424-008 congress_Bhavan_20150424-009 congress_Bhavan_20150424-010 congress_Bhavan_20150424-011 congress_Bhavan_20150424-012 congress_Bhavan_20150424-013 congress_Bhavan_20150424-014 congress_Bhavan_20150424-015 congress_Bhavan_20150424-016 congress_Bhavan_20150424-017 congress_Bhavan_20150424-018 congress_Bhavan_20150424-019 congress_Bhavan_20150424-020 congress_Bhavan_20150424-021 congress_Bhavan_20150424-022 congress_Bhavan_20150424-023 congress_Bhavan_20150424-024 congress_Bhavan_20150424-025 congress_Bhavan_20150424-026 congress_Bhavan_20150424-027 congress_Bhavan_20150424-028

    Senior Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary speaking on the occasion said, “In the history of 65 years of Congress rule, we have not seen such a transparent leader as (Siddaramaiah) who has special concern towards the poor and the downtrodden. Even Mayavati did not implement such schemes to the poor. God will surely bless Siddaramaiah and his family for all his schemes for the poor people.” Poojary further said, “I know what hunger and poverty is, when I was small, I did not get proper food to eat and I would go to school in my shorts. When the CM announced the budget, I felt like carrying the CM on my shoulders.” He also urged the CM to sanction Rs 15 crores to the Ullal Dargah since Ullal Dargah is the second holy place in India after the Ajmer Dargah. “People from all walks of life come here. The prayers of those who pray here are answered.” He also said that when Mangaluru is being developed, the Ullal Dargah also needs to be developed as it will help improve our economy through tourism. “Ullal Dargah should be announced as a tourist destination so that people from around the world will come to visit the Dargah. Hotels, transport and others industries can benefit from this.”

    Poojary further stressed and said, “Ullal Dargah is involved in a number of social service activities. They give education to the poor students through their institutions. Religious programmes are also held and they train the youth to be good citizens. People from all walks of life in and around Mangaluru attend the Uroos. We have the Subramanya Temple, Sri Dharmasthala, Udupi Sri Krishna Temple, Kollur Temple andKudroli Gokarnanatheshwara temple as tourist destinations which are visited by people from all around the world.

    Speaking on the occasion, CM Siddaramaiah said, “I am very pleased to lay the foundation stone for the district Congress Bhavan. I have instructed all ministers in-charge of the districts in the state to build Congress bhavans in their districts. As Ramanath Rai has assured to complete the construction work of the Congress Bhavan within a year, it will be completed on time.”

    The CM further said, “In the last Lok Sabha elections, we were not successful. But the party workers should not be disheartened. Instead, all the party workers should go to every house with various schemes implemented by the Congress government and bring awareness among the people. The party workers are the backbone of the Congress and they should strengthen the party.”

    “Giving false promises of bringing ‘Acche Din’, the BJP came to power. But so far, no ‘Ache Din’ have come in the country and they will never come under the BJP. The BJP has also fooled the people by assuring to bring back the black money from foreign banks and credit Rs 15 lakh into every persons bank account. Now, Modi does not talk about bringing back the black money from foreign banks. Instead, the BJP has forgotten their promise which was made in their election manifesto. The BJP is a party of liars. Moreover, they are shameless. In Dakshina Kannada, the BJP is busy in dividing the society in the name of religion. Many of the BJP leaders have gone to jail but after coming out from the jail, they have started to talk like Sathya Harishchandra. Some of their leaders are still in the jail.”

    “In the present Union budget, there is no programme for the poor and the farmers. The Union government led by Modi is not concerned about the poor and the farmers. They also reduced the central government sponsored schemes and decreased the funds.” CM said, ” From May 1, all the BPL card holders will get free rice, earlier we used to charge Rs 1 per KG, but it will free from May 1. The APL card holders will also get the benefits”.

    “The BJP said that they will make the state Congress free. I was thinking of not contesting in the next election but when the BJP has challenged to make Karnataka a Congress free state, I will take their challenge and surely contest the next election and bring victory to the Congress party. When BJP was in power in the state, they had made the garden city a garbage city.”

    While concluding, the CM said that in the forthcoming Gram Panchayat elections, all the party workers should work unitedly for the success of the election and bring victory to the party.

    Later, the Chief Minister proceeded towards the Ullal Dargah to take part in the Uroos.


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  • Muhurat of new Tulu movie Chandi Kori held in Sharavu temple

    Mangaluru: Devdas Kapikad is back with yet another comedy flick `Chandi Kori’. The muhurat of the tulu movie was held by offering puja at Sharavu temple here on Friday, April 24.

    The movie is being produced under the banner ‘Bolli movies’ by Sharmila Kapikad and Sachin Sunder. Arjun Kapikad is playing the lead role while Karishma Ameen has been paired opposite him.

    Successful music director Manikanth Kadri is scoring the music while the songs have been composed by Devdas Kapikad. The information was given by Kapikad in a pressmeet after the muhurat.

    The shooting will begin from Saturday April 25 and will continue for the next 30 days. Most of the shooting will take place in different locations in and around Mangaluru city, he added.

    The star caste of the movie will have Arjun Kapikad, Karishma Ameen, Devadas Kapikad, Naveen D Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Aravind Bolar, Gopinath Bhat, Chaithan Rai, D. S Boloor, Sarojini Shetty, Shobha Rai, Sumithra Rai, Manisha, Sujatha, Thimmappa Kulal, Suresh Kulal and others. 

    P. L Ravi is the cinematographer and Sujith Nayak is the editor.  Atul Master will choreograph the dance numbers while Mass Maada will manage the stunts.

    Sharmila Kapikad, Sachin Sunder, Arjun Kapikad, Karishma Ameen, Naveen D Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjoor, Aravind Bolar, P. L Ravi, Prakash Pandeshwar,  Veerendra Shetty,  Uppinangadi Sunder and others were present at the muhurat and the press meet.

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  • Convict fled from Court premises nabbed from Suratkal.

    Mangaluru: Cops have successfully arrested the culprit who fled away from the court premises amid tight police security in Mangaluru.

    Soon after a person named Akshay was convicted by the court, he had escaped from the second additional district and session’s court premises here amid high police security on Wednesday, April 22nd.

    The court had pronounced Akshay guilty in the murder of Kumara alias Bongu which had taken place at Mullakad in Kavoor on June 15th, 2011. In connection to this case; Santosh, Gaurish, Harsharaj, Gautham and Akshay had been arrested. The said murder was a gang war between two groups of Santosh and Pradeep.

    The second additional district and sessions court after the trials, pronounced all the accused as guilty in the murder case on Wednesday, April 22nd. On Thursday, April 23rd; the quantum of sentence was scheduled to be pronounced.

    When the police were about to take the convicts back to the prison, Akshay told them that he wanted to urinate and went to the toilet. The police were waiting for him but he did not return.

    A case was registered at Bunder police station.

    Based on the information, and acting on a joint operation, the Kavoor cops along with Bunder cops successfully arrested Akshay Kumar at Suratkal at 3.30 am on Thursday, April 23rd.


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  • Bantwal: Waste management contract cancelled

    Bantwal:   The general meeting headed by Town Panchayat President Vasanthi Chandappa in  Bantwal Town Panchayat has decided to cancel the contract of waste management, due to poor performance by the existing contractor, despite payment of a large sum.  Members including those from ruling party Congress , alleged that the collection and management of waste by contractor, is unscientific. Also, they suggested handing over contract to Stree Shakthi groups.

    Congress member Sadashiva Bangera accused the staff of some departments of Town Panchayat have been following blackmail technique, regarding work of waste management.   BJP member A Govind Prabhu said Town Panchayat has lost revenue as the commercial complex in Baddakatte has been provided with electricity supply. 

    BJP member Devdas Shetty questioned TP President why the issue of imposing fine of Rs 1.5 lakh by Mescom Vigilance officers, on the said commercial complex, is being hidden. He further said that the commercial complex was accused of  electricity theft.  Members Vasu Poojary, Gangadhar, Praveen B, Munish Ali, Jagadish Kundar, B Mohan, K Suguna Kini, Muhammed Sharif, Prabha Salian, Chanchalakshi, Sanjeevi, Sandhya Naik, Jacintha D’Souza, Bhaskar Tailor and others were  part of the discussion.


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  • Mangaluru: CM Siddaramaiah Visits St Joseph Vaz Shrine

    Mangaluru: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah visited the St Joseph Vaz Shrine atMudipu here, on April 24.

    The programme began with an invocation. Parish priest of St Joseph Vaz Shrine, Fr Gregory D’Souza welcomed the gathering. A special prayer was also held for Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (1)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (2)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (3)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (4)

    After visiting the shrine, speaking on the occasion Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the people of DK are secular and peace lovers but some anti-social elements are trying to destroy peace in the society. “They try to divide the society in the name of religion. No religion preaches hatred. Instead, all religions teach us to love one another. India has unity in diversity. We have various castes and religions. It is our duty to respect other religions and live in harmony and brotherhood.”

    He also said that even though he wanted to attend the canonization of St JosephVaz, due to his busy schedule he was unable to attend it.

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (5)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (6)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (7)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (8)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (9)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (10)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (11)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (12)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (13)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (14)

    Mudipu-St-Joseph-Vaz-Shrine-24042015 (15)

    The Chief Minister then handed over a cheque of Rs 25 lakhs for the development of the St Joseph Vaz Shrine. He assured to grant more funds through the tourism department for the development of the shrine.

    Bishop of Mangaluru Dr Aloysius Paul D’Souza urged the Chief Minister to change the CDB as Christian Development Commission. He also requested to make Father Muller Charitable Institution a deemed university.

    Udupi District Minister in-charge Vinay Kumar Sorake, Health and Family Welfare Minister U T Khadar, DK District Minister in-charge Ramanath Rai, MLA J R Lobo, M:A Moideen Bava, Fr J B Crasta, Fr Patrick Rodrigues, Fr William Menezes and others were also present.


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  • Kanila Shri Bhagavathi Kshetra Brammakalashotsav

    Manjeshwara: Brammakalashotsav and Nadavali Utsav commemorated with joy and grandeur from 18- 22 April at Kanila Shri Bhagavathi Kshetra in Majeshwara.

    On 21st in religious function commenced in the presidentship of Padmanabh Kadappa, Shri Vishweshateerta Swamiji gave blessings.

    Religious speech was given by president of the Shri Kshetra, vaman Idya. Rohidas Bangera Mumbai, CEO of DHFL B.K.Madhur, Tiya samaj Mumbai president Chandrashekhar Belchada, Dr. Dayananda Kumble Thane, K.P.Aravind, Dinesh Narayan Mumbai and others were present.

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Mumbai Rounds
  • Salman Khan hit-and-run case: Court to decide perjury application on May 6

    Mumbai : A Sessions Court conducting the 2002 hit-and-run trial involving Bollywood actor Salman Khan today said that before giving the judgement in the case on May 6, it would decide on the same day an application seeking action against police for perjury (giving false evidence).

    Salman Khan is facing charge of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ after he allegedly rammed his Toyota Land Cruiser into a bakery shop on September 28, 2002, in suburban Bandra killing one person and injuring four others who were sleeping outside.

    The application, filed by activist Santosh Daundkar, seeks perjury action against police for not examining eye witness Kamal Khan, the Bollywood singer, who was in the car along with the actor and his police bodyguard Ravindra Patil.

    It also alleges that a wrong set of doctors were examined in the court by police who said they had conducted postmortem of the deceased, thereby delaying the trial for three years in a Magistrate’s court.

    By not examining witness Kamal Khan, police had tried to cover an important piece of evidence which might have thrown light on who was driving the car at the relevant time, said lawyer Abha Singh, who argued for the applicant.

    Judge D W Deshpande asked the lawyer to submit written arguments tomorrow which he would consider before deciding the application for perjury.

    “Under section 344 of CrPc, if the court finds that perjury has been made out, it can issue show cause notices to the concerned parties and hear them before passing orders. In the alternative, the court may also dismiss the application if perjury is not proved,” Abha Singh said.

    The lawyer said that Kamal Khan, the singer friend of Salman Khan, was in the same car when the accident occurred. He had given a statement to police on October 4, 2002, that Salman and his bodyguard Ravindra Patil were in the front and he was sitting behind. However, there is no mention of Salman’s driver Ashok Singh in his statement.

    Significantly, the actor has taken a plea in the court that his driver Ashok Singh was driving the car and not he when the mishap occurred. Even Singh testified as a defence witness that he was driving the car at the relevant time.

    “I am going to submit a copy of this statement of Kamal Khan to the court tomorrow along with my written submissions,” she told reporters after the hearing.

    There are two star witnesses in this case. One of them, Ravindra Patil, police bodyguard of the actor, died during the trial. The other one was Kamal Khan who has been dropped as witness by police, the lawyer said.

    The singer was initially hostile to the prosecution and did not appear in the case. Later, a non-bailable warrant was issued to him by a Magistrate and he was arrested and released on a personal bond of Rs 5,000, she said.

    Producing a copy of the Magistrate’s order, the lawyer noted that the singer had also given an undertaking to the court assuring that he would attend the court whenever required.

    “However, his name was dropped by the prosecution and police and we want to know why such a key witness was not examined. This only shows an unholy nexus between police and the accused to fix the trial,” the lawyer alleged.

    Abha Singh claimed she had in her possession a list of witnesses prepared by the prosecution. Altogether 64 witnesses were set to be examined, but 37 were dropped and only 27 persons were brought before the court to tender evidence. Kamal Khan was among the witnesses who was dropped.

    The perjury application was earlier not entertained by the court. The aggrieved applicant then moved the High Court, which directed the Sessions Court to hear it and decide.

    The trial was earlier conducted by a Magistrate after the 49-year-old actor was charged with ‘rash and negligent driving’, an offence which attracts punishment upto two years.

    However, he added a graver charge of ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ which provides for ten years jail term. The case was referred to sessions court because this charge is not triable by a Magistrate.


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  • Mumbai: Family Members say Anmol Chandan (21) was Pushed from building – deny police suicide claim

    Mumbai: Relatives and friends of 21-year-old Anmol Sanjay Kumar Chandan who allegedly committed suicide in the early hours of Sunday 15th March are up in arms against the Charkop police for going slow on the investigation. In several letters written to the Commissioner of Police Mumbai, the Additional Commissioner of Police and the DCP Zone XI, they have alleged that Anmol was murdered in a criminal conspiracy hatched by his wife and her lover. According to a copy of the complaint letter submitted to the Charkop police station, the deceased’s wife was allegedly having an affair with one of her office colleagues and wanted to get married to him. She tried to obtain a divorce from Anmol Chandan, but the latter did not want to separate as he loved her and wanted to sort out their differences. The family has alleged that Ms Tarrannum Anwar Khan hatched a criminal conspiracy with her boyfriend with whom she was having an illicit extra marital affair for almost eight months. They have also alleged that his wife used to invite her male friends over to the flat and he had caught her in a compromising position with one male friend on more than one occasion.

    It may be recalled that the 21-year-old post-graduate ended his life by jumping from the 19th floor of the 24-storey Mhada building in Ekta Nagar, Charkop, on Sunday 15th March. People residing on the lower floors of building number 55 heard a loud thud at 8am and found that a resident had committed suicide. The Charkop police identified the deceased as Anmol Chandan (21) after repairing the broken mobile that belonged to him.

    Chandan’s family has also alleged that his wife used to taunt and mentally harass him every day for money. She used to demand Rs 10 to Rs 15,000 every day and was demanding Rs 5 lakh to set up her own fashion designing business. The deceased sent a message to his mother minutes before jumping from the 19th floor in which he mentioned that his wife has always cheated on him. His family now insists that the SMS message should be considered as a dying declaration and an abetment to suicide case should be registered against his wife, her parents and her lover.

    At around 7 am on Sunday, his sent the message to his mother and allegedly jumped off the building. The watchman of the building heard a thud and then informed others. Although he was rushed to the hospital, he was declared dead before admission. His family has alleged that based on the photographs of the position of his body found in the building compound, Anmol Chandan could have been pushed by someone from the flat. They allege that his wife’s male friends used to visit the flat and it is possible that someone could have got into the flat and pushed him while he was in a disturbed state of mind. The previous night he had a fight with his estranged wife who had demanded that he accompany her to a lawyer and sign the divorce papers. She allegedly also threatened him that she would publicly expose him in a false case if he did not sign the divorce papers.
    According to neighbours on the fateful Sunday morning at around 8.00 am, the deceased was talking to someone on the phone at his 19th floor residence. He seemed engaged in a wordy fight with someone according to his neighbours who heard his loud voice. A few minutes later he jumped from the 21st floor from the passage area. His family alleges that someone could be inside the house and a fight may be going on between the two, with the other person pushing him down.

    Finally fed up with the police inaction and indifference, the family has decided to file a private complaint in the metropolitan magistrate’s court praying for a investigation under section 156 (3) of the CrPC.

    anmol-chandan.jpg (1) anmol-chandan.jpg (2) anmol-chandan.jpg (3) anmol-chandan.jpg


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  • Indian Navy launches stealth destroyer INS ‘Visakhapatnam’

    Mumbai: India Navy’s new stealth destroyer,Visakhapatnam, designed indigenously and fitted with advanced features, was launched on Monday, boosting the maritime force’s firepower capability.

    The Kolkata-class warship, the first of P15-B stealth destroyers, was launched by Minu Dhowan, wife of Chief of Naval Staff Admiral R K Dhowan, at Mazagaon Docks Ltd (MDL).

    Top Navy and MDL officials were present on the occasion. The ship, weighing approximately 3,000 tons during the launch, is slated to be christened as ‘INS Visakhapatnam’ on commissioning.

    The 163-metre-long vessel will be propelled by four gas turbines, and is designed to achieve a speed of over 30 knots at a displacement of approximately 7,300 tons.

    The indigenously designed stealth destroyer will have state-of-the-art weapons, sensors, an advance Action Information System, in Integrated Platform Management system, sophisticated Power Distribution System and a host of other advanced features.

    It will be fitted with supersonic surface-to-surface missile system. The system enables the ship to engage shore- based and naval surface targets at long range, making it a lethal platform for strike against enemy targets.

    The ship’s air defence capability, designed to counter the threat of enemy aircraft and anti-ship cruise missiles, will revolve around the vertical launch and long range surface to air missile system.

    Four 30 mm rapid-fire guns will provide the ship with close-in-defence capability, while an MR gun will enable her to provide effective naval gunfire support.

    Indigenously developed twin tube torpedo launchers and rocket launchers will add punch to the ship’s anti-submarine capability. The vessel is follow-on of P15A Kolkata-class destroyers with enhanced features. The vessel is expected to be commissioned in the Navy in 2018.

    The indigenisation content in P15-B class destroyers is a notch above her illustrious predecessors in line with the ‘Make in India policy’ of the Government. The P15-B stealth destroyers have been designed by the force’s in-house unit – Directorate of Naval Design.

    The design of Project 15B destroyers is testimony of the Navy’s firm commitment towards achieving indigenisation by using high-end technology in the field of weapons/sensors/ machinery and stealth.

    Mazagaon Docks, the country’s premier warship building yard, is engaged in producing sophisticated world-class warships and submarines. At present four destroyers and six submarines are under various stages of construction at MDL.


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Gulf Rounds
  • 5th Annual Programme held by Dhoom Dance Group Kuwait ‘Dhoom Machale – 2015’

    The welcome song, along with the magic show, provided a flying start to ‘Dhoom Machale – 2015’ held on Friday, April 17, 2015, at Salmiya Indian Model School (SIMS), Salmiya. The function, organized on the occasion of 5th Anniversary of Dhoom Dance Group, commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Mr. Satishchandra Shetty.

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-001

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-002

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-003

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-004

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-005

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-007

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-008

    Other eminent guests who graced the occasion were Mr. Renjith Pillai, Marketing Manager of UAE Exchange Co., Mr. Sudhakar Shetty & Mr. Ramesh Kidiyoor. The Souvenir release by the Chief Guest was followed by welcome speech by the guests and mementos were handed over to them as an appreciation for honoring the show with their presence.

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-009

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-010

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-011

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-012

    Mementos were also awarded to the sponsors and the performing artists. The main sponsors of the event were Oriental Restaurant and UAE Exchange.A beautiful Ganesha dance presented by the talented kids of Dhoom Dance Group followed by tuneful songs by melodious singers Kabeer, Neelima, Hywel Pinto, Santosh Kunder, Mubarak Al Rashed, Shaila Lobo & child artists Sarah Lobo & Rohit charmed the audience.

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-013

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-014

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-015

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-016

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-017

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-018

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-019

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-020

    The incredible dance performances by children from Dhoom Dance Group in various dance styles such as Hip Hop, Contemporary, Robotics, Bollywood and Acrobatic styles were a treat to watch.The comedy skits by local artists made the audience break into splits of laughter. The Comperes for the event Jason and Rohith kept the audience engaged with their humour and wit. Spot prizes were given to the lucky winners.

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-021

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-023

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-024

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-025

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-026

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-027

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-028

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-029

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-030

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-031

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-032

    ‘Dhoom Machale – 2015’ was special in a way as the proceeds of the show will be donated to a non-profitable, charity organization Sri Matha Lakshani Vridashrama (Old Age Home) in Mangalore, India. A small skit depicting the story of an old mother abandoned by her children and leading her to an old age home was heart-rending. Dhoom Machale – 2015 was very well directed and choreographed by Lakshmeesh Amin, the Founder of Dhoom Dance Group. Dhoom Dance Group wishes to genuinely thank all its sponsors, students & their parents, guest artists and well-wishers for their generous support in making the event a grand success.

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-033

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-034

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-035

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-036

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-037

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-038

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-039

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-040

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-041

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-042

    Dhoom Machale _Apr 23_2015-043

    by: Suresh Shyam Rao Neramballi


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  • Kuwait: Kanajar Welfare Association (KWAK) holds Annual Family Picnic

    Kuwait: The Kanajar Welfare Association (KWAK) held its Annual Family Picnic for its members and their families on April 17, at Messilah Beach Garden. The picnic included games, entertainment, food and prizes.

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (1)

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (2)

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (3)

    The event commenced at 10:30 am with a prayer led by General Secretary, Rinita Mascarenhas. President Antony Miranda welcomed all the members and their families.

    As the members poured in, various games were conducted. Kids were entertained with the Marble and spoon race, Sack Race and Stamping the tail. While the elders both men and women participated in the Tarai-Katta, Knocking the Ball, Dog and the Bone, Dodge Ball, Lagori, Sack Race and Tumbler Game.

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (4)

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (5)

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (6)

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (7)

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (8)

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (9)

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (10)

    kwar-picnic-22032015-mang (11)

    All the members participated in the public speaking session initiated by Lawrence Saldanha.

    The afternoon session started with Dumb Charades and Acting. Men, women and kids enjoyed the day by competing in the fun-filled games, organized by Leena Fernandes and Melwin Mascarenhas. Housie Housie was conducted by Edward D’Souza.

    Robert Menezes and Shalet Mascarenhas were the photographers. Anthony Miranda delivered the vote of thanks and expressed gratitude to all the members who attended the family picnic and to the generous sponsor Lawrence Saldanha.

    The programme was co-ordinated by Melwin Mascarenhas and supported by the Managing Committee members.


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  • UAE: Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award conferred on three Mangalorean Students

    UAE: The prestigious 17th annual Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award ceremony concluded in a glittering and colorful function at Sheikh Rashid Hall at the World Trade centre here on April 22, 2015.

    The best and the brightest schools, pupils, teachers and even families were awarded cash prizes after being named winners of the prestigious education award.

    shk-hamdan-award-23012015 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-001 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-002 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-003 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-004 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-005 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-006 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-007 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-008 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-009 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-010 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-011 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-012 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-013 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-014 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-015 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-016 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-017 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-018 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-019 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-020 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-021 shk-hamdan-award-23012015-022

    The Award honours, individuals who value their commitment and have a proven record of outstanding success in their respective educational field. The award for Distinguished academic performance has been designed to recognize academic achievements, talents, skills and leadership qualities. Sheikh Hamdan bin RashidAl Maktoum instituted this award 17 years ago.

    Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, distributed the awards to winners at a ceremony in Dubai on April 22, at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

    There are four levels to the competition – international, Arab region, GCC and UAE. Within each level, there are several categories – best education research in the Arab region, excellent teacher, excellent student, excellent school management, best scientific innovation and best family.

    It is a proud moment to all the Mangalorean expatriates that few sparkling and young talented students have been awarded in this ceremony.

    Speaking to mangalorean.com, budding talent Rithika Rajpal shetty, studying in Grade 5 at Delhi Private School Dubai, who has achieved remarkable success in Dance, karate and Skating, said, “My parents and teachers support and constant encouragement truly played an immaculate role in achieving this prestigious award”.

    Grade 3 student, Sprasha Prakash Shetty of Indian High school, excelled in academic performance along with multi talented curricular and extra-curricular activities, she narrated “My Parents, relatives, family and also my teachers transformed my dreams into actions transformed as stepping stone towards success for achieving the prestigious Sheikh Hamdan Award”.

    Grade 3 Brent Adrial Anil D’Souza, studying Kindergarten Starters, Dubai owes his success to his faith in God and to his parents who encouraged him to remain motivated and study hard. He also expressed his gratitude to his helpful teachers, who taught him how to channelize his resources in the right direction.

    It is truly believed that such award and accolade is required as an encouragement, which will improve self-confidence level, making them feel good about themselves and be true asset of the society.


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    ''I want my son to be an engineer. I want my daughter to be a doctor '' . Am sure this is a common expectation from most of the parents .
     When I passed my SSLC with 92% my parents forced me to take up science though I was interested in arts . When I passed my PU board exam with 91% my parents forced me to take up engineering though I aspired to be a lawyer . When I asked my parents why science? Why not arts ? They told ' society thinks only dull students take up arts ' . Wait a second! What is this society now? Don't you think even my parents belong to the same society which thinks arts is meant for dull students .
    If all parents blindly followed this cheap social mentality we wouldn't get a great teacher Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan , great singer Latha Mangeshkar , great advocate K.S Hegde , great astronaut Kalpana Chawla and so on.
     If Sachin Tendulkar's dad would force him to clear the subject that he once flunked then the world wouldn't get 'The God of Cricket' .
     At the end of the day it's not our degree that counts but its the satisfaction that matters. We have one life . And the biggest adventure is to live the life our DREAMS . Each one of us are born with a talent and nobody can beat us in that .
     Most of us enjoy the dance performance given by others . But when the same talent lies in our own house nobody supports it because we want to have an engineer or a doctor who can raise the family reputation.
    We often blame our system and politicians . We expect Lot of development and changes in society. But we never take an initiative to bring that change . India needs young energetic leaders to bring this change . But unfortunately very few parents encourage their children to get into politics .
      To all the parents who force their children to take up a particular stream here is a piece of advice .Only a poet can write a beautiful poem and only a sculptor can give us a beautiful sculpture . Even a sweeper if he's really passionate about his work then his passion can make him the best sweeper that the world has ever seen.No work is inferior or superior in front of god .
    Here is a story which I came across in one of the lectures that I attended in my college. There lived a bank manager who had a son who flunked in his pu board exam . Even at the second attempt he couldn't manage to clear the subject .His dad was upset that his son was ineligible to take up engineering. But his son had a high knowledge about the cars and it's functioning . So he started working at the garage .One fine day he came across an advertisement given by FORD car manufacturing company which was asking for a solution regarding a major car design problem . The advertisement mentioned that the person with best solution will be rewarded rs 32 crore. This guy who was extremely passionate about cars approached the company with the solution .They implemented his design and his idea actually solved the major design problem . Thus he was awarded with rs 32 crore . He was asked to give lectures to research and mtech students at NIT's regarding his design . Further he was given a 100 crore overdraft for his next project . His dad who once considered him to be useless is now proud of him . Probably this guy wouldn't achieve this greatness if he was forced to take up engineering .
    I guess this is the best example for great achievement by ordinary person with an extraordinary passion .
    I hope my article will motivate atleast few parents to support and encourage their children in the field that they are passionate about.
    Because THE WORLD NEEDS lawyers , singers , sportsmen , astronauts , politicians and many OTHERS TOO.

    By Deepti Rani.

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Public Voice
  • Railway overbridge causing nuisance to public in Kodakkal near Padil

    Mangaluru: The railway over bridge situated in Kodakkal near Padil, which comes on the Bengaluru to Mangaluru national highway 44 has been creating high nuisense for communters, from a very long period. The issue is that the bridge initially had an iron sheet covering under the tracks to prevent the toilet waste from dropping down to the road. But over a certain period of time due to lack of maintenance the sheet has been damaged.

    When the train passes right above the over bridge the toilet wastes directly fall over the vehicles travelling below. mean while some arrangements were done by locals to prevent this inconvenience to public. But the temporary arrangement dint last long.
    Few locals who are aware of this issue stop their vehicle and wait for the train to pass and then proceed further. While the others who are totally unaware of this get fooled thinking that it's the water being sprinkled over them.
    In a recent incident, a small stone from the stone laden goods train had fallen over the front wind shield of the car that was passing by the highway, reportedly damaging the front wind shield and leaving behind a loss to the owner of the car.

    The worst situation here is especially when the train stops right above the bridge, waiting for the Green signal from the nearby Mangalore Junction Railway Station. In this case, the Highway Communters are left behind with confusing if to move on or to wait till the train passes.
    It would be of great help to public if this issue is brought in to the notice of the concerned authority and measures are taken to prevent further problems or damages to the Highway Commuters.
    Media is one smart way to not only bring this issue to the notice of the concerned, but also to the Highway Commuters who are unaware of this incident.

    By: Deepti Rani

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  • Manipal Students Harrased by Police

    I am writing this to you as the media is the only system left that can provide justice for all in our country today. The politicians, the police, the authorities and sometimes even the law is corrupt. But among all this, Media remains to be the one system that speaks for the "little guy" and stands up for justice.

    I am writing to you concerning several cases of harassment of students by Manipal Police. Manipal is a university town sprawling with students from different states and countries. It is known to have a few drug problems as well it has a number of suicide cases of students taking their own lives after being intoxicated.

    Recently, A student had committed suicide due to drugs as claimed by the police and papers. The police have begun closing all restaurants and shops by 11:30pm so as to minimize movement around the area. They have also started searching suspected apartments for drugs and have caught many drug dealers. This is all commendable though the effort has started late.

    Over the past week, the police have beaten over 13 students walking back/to a friends apartment after 11:30pm. Students go to watch the last film which ends at 12pm and visit each others houses for group discussion and studies. The Manipal Police have been stopping students walking or on bikes and beating them without question. The police do not ask for students' Id cards neither do they ask any question as to where the student has been or is going. Numerous students stay in apartments as the Hostels are very expensive and visit each others houses for video games or studies. The police have started this brutal action the beginning of this week and everyone is too afraid of saying anything as the university has good relations with the police. Something needs to be done so that the police do not harass students in this way. Students are afraid of walking around. This has instilled fear in many. It is very unpatriotic and uncivilized for the police to catch students and beat them with sticks without questioning.

    I hope you will look into this as "Media" is the only source of justice left in this country.

    By- A Student of MANIPAL

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  • Be Aware...fraudulant companies around.

    I am Deepalaxmi from Mangalore, Karnataka. I have been following Your Channel from past decade. I request you to help me in one of the problem faced by many job seekers including me by one of the recruitment company below. I want you to take action against this so that no other individuals would be cheated in future by this company and also no other such fraudulant people can get guts to play with other people's money, time and talent.

    I have been cheated by the following company, which claims to be a job consultant. A lady called me and asked me to register my profile in their website: www.aapkacareer.com by paying Rs.1685/-, for which i have not received any confirmation mail. After that the call was transferred to another person who claimed himself to do profile verification for my profile and asked me to pay Rs.6180/- for the same, which was not intimated to me earlier.

    The Company has been cheating many people in the similar manner which i got to know later when i searched for the company in google.

    Request you to kindly take necessary action against this company and stop other people from being cheated by them. The company address is below:
    Telephone: 011-45671678
    website address: http://aapkacareer.com/index.php?route=common/home

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