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  • Man arrested for raping 10-year-old daughter

    Panaji: A 32-year-old man has been arrested for raping his 10-year-old daughter and filming it on his mobile phone, police said Saturday.

    The victim said her father raped her several times over the last few years and on many occasions also filmed the act, according to an FIR.

    The father is a resident of Assnora, a hinterland town, located 20 kms north of Panaji.

    Police officer Sandhya Gupta said the accused has been arrested and booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Protection of Children Sexual Offences Act. ...

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  • New Delhi : Judicial Commissioner finds James Anderson, Ravindra Jadeja not guilty

    New Delhi : Gordon Lewis, who was appointed as the judicial commissioner to look into the altercation between Ravindra Jadeja and James Anderson, on Friday, didn`t find any of the two players guilty.   The Judicial Commissioner reached his decisions following a six-hour hearing, which took place via video-conference and put an end to the suspense surrounding the fate of the two players.  


    "His Honor Gordon Lewis AM, the Judicial Commissioner, has found both England`s James Anderson and Ravindra Jadeja of India not guilty of breaching the ICC Code of Conduct," ICC said in a statement.  The ECB and Anderson were represented in the hearings by Nick De Marco while Adam Lewis QC represented Jadeja.   The hearings were also attended by the two team managers, the ECB`s Paul Downton, the BCCI`s Sundar Raman and MV Sridhar, the ICC`s General Manager (Cricket), Geoff Allardice, and the ICC`s Ethics and Regulatory lawyer, Sally Clark.   Earlir on Wednesday, the ICC had accepted BCCI`s request to appeal against match referee David Boon`s decision to impose a fine of 50% on Ravindra Jadeja for an altercation with James Anderson in the first Test match at Nottingham in Trent Bridge.   The ICC had earlier stated that Jadeja was found guilty of Level 1 breach of the ICC Code of Conduct, and therefore fined 50% of match fee.   Boon found Jadeja not guilty of original offence, but guilty of ‘conduct contrary to the spirit of the game’ (Article 2.1.8).   Regarding the same incident, ICC had charged Anderson over an alleged confrontation with Jadeja during the drawn first Test at Nottingham.   The ICC said Anderson had been charged for allegedly "abusing and pushing" Jadeja after they left the field for lunch on Thursday`s second day when the Indian was batting.   Anderson and Jadeja were charged under Level 3 and 2 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel by India team manager Sunil Dev and England team manager Phil Neale, respectively. ...

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  • Kerry visit a start, Modi visit to US pivotal

    John Kerry visits India Wednesday as a raft of crises consume American diplomacy. By contrast, US-India relations are at a moment of opportunity, but the US Secretary of State faces challenges in New Delhi that are significant in their own way. For one thing, after a decade of disengagement with Narendra Modi, Washington is eager to make a fresh start. The US is sending three cabinet secretaries to India in quick succession - Kerry (State), Penny Pritzker (Commerce), and Chuck Hagel (Defence) - and Washington is preparing to host Modi himself in September. From the US perspective, Modi’s government offers a welcome respite from years of perceived strategic and economic drift under UPA-2. But Kerry’s visit is also very well timed: First, the NDA government has been in office for nearly two months. Modi has met Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, among others, so it is high time for cabinet-level US engagement. Second, as Kerry himself argued in a speech this week, relations with strategically important countries cannot be shunted to the sidelines by crises. For over a decade, India has been among the small group of countries vital to American strategy. And the US has a strong stake in continued Indian reform and success-especially as they contribute to global growth, promote market-based economic policies, help secure the global commons, and maintain a mutually favourable balance of power in Asia. Third, Kerry and others, including Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, just attended the US-China strategic and economic dialogue in Beijing. Continued absence from New Delhi at the cabinet level would invite unflattering comparisons between US approaches to China and India. The two sides’ first challenge is to find new ways of working effectively. Modi, unlike UPA-2, has designed an administration with a strengthened executive and an activist Office of the Prime Minister. In such a set-up, there are inherent limits to reliance on ritualized Strategic Dialogue between foreign ministries. The two sides should relook existing structures, reinvigorating trade, defence, and CEO forums. But they also need new lines of coordination that reflect the emerging institutional and political set-up in New Delhi. Kerry is attending a Strategic Dialogue (capitalized “S” and “D”) that has been a calendar-driven exercise. What the two countries need is a “real” strategic dialogue (lower case “s” and “d”), built upon a less ritualized but more powerful set of first principles: strengthened coordination, no surprises on core security equities, sensitivity to each other’s domestic constraints, and frequent not ritualized contact at the highest levels. The most immediate need is to strengthen trust after a rough patch. From India’s perspective, the causes of these frictions include US trade cases, the Khobragade debacle, and inadequate US attention to India’s security concerns, especially in India’s neighborhood. From the US perspective such concerns have centered on the scope and pace of Indian economic reforms. These have badly tainted market sentiment and soured US firms on India. Retroactive taxes and the nuclear liability bill have compounded these negative sentiments. Viewed through this prism, the current US-India standoff at the WTO is badly timed. The US side will listen closely to India’s economic priorities. Hopefully, it will bring a few ideas-for example, technology releases, defence licenses, and co-production. Washington needs to avoid hectoring about India’s investment climate. Instead, it should inject something tangible into the mix, especially since Beijing and Tokyo, among others, offer India project finance vehicles the US lacks. But the biggest challenges are structural, and long-term in nature. First, economic constraints have hindered strategic coordination, especially in East Asia. The US and India share a powerful interest in assuring a favourable balance of power. Much binds them, not least shared regional maritime and energy interests. But lofty strategic ambitions require strengthened economic, not just security, content in relations with regional states, and with one another in the East Asian context. So it is hardly ideal that Washington and New Delhi are pursuing separate, and competitive, regional trade agreements: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Meanwhile, US economic weight in Asia is increasing absolutely but declining in relative terms. From 2000 to 2009, China’s share of ASEAN trade increased threefold, surpassing the US share, which declined by a third in the same period. The US wants to leverage TPP to restore its leadership but there is zero prospect of a TPP this year and the Administration has no stomach to pursue needed Trade Promotion Authority with Congress. India’s challenge is greater. Trade plays a growing role in its economy but scale remains a handicap. In 2012, 11.7 percent of ASEAN trade was with China, just 2.9 percent with India. And that is no coincidence: the backbone of East Asian economies remains integrated supply and production chains from which India is largely absent. With rising labour costs in China, the geography of Asian manufacturing will shift, so India has an opportunity to align its national manufacturing policies with strategic imperatives to the east. At the same time, the US and India need new bilateral economic vehicles. Vice President Biden has called for an increase in trade from $100 to $500 billion-a number analogous to US-China trade. But that is hard to fathom: India lacks China’s manufacturing base, its integration into regional and global supply chains, its comparative openness to foreign investment at a comparable stage of development, and its hard infrastructure. Instead of pithy slogans, the two sides need better aligned agendas, especially on opportunities for cross-border investment, manufacturing, infrastructure, and gasification and energy opportunities. For Americans, the most pressing need is for growth-conducive reforms and investor friendly tax and sectoral policies in India. The Arun Jaitley budget offered hope but less than many in the US had wished for. One step would be a bilateral investment treaty. Indian firms would benefit from investor protections in the US. US firms would welcome relevant legal changes and safeguards in India. Both countries would benefit from the treaty’s independent arbitration process. In fact, investment is, at this point, more important than trade. It is a vote of confidence in the other country’s economy, and meshes well with current needs on each side. Above all, the two sides need to continue their difficult quest for strategic consensus. Enhanced intelligence and counterterrorism cooperation offer one opportunity. So do defence co-production and weapons sales because they increase the potential for interoperability. But a positive security agenda is needed, especially in Asia, through new initiatives across a series of baskets: energy, seaborne trade, finance, the global commons, and regional architecture. The two sides will need to manage differences of tone and substance on strategic issues of concern, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China. Take China: The fact is, India views Beijing’s role in South Asia with far greater alarm than does Washington, and this is unlikely to change soon. The US will lean toward India, but seek to avoid becoming caught between New Delhi and Beijing. Many in India continue to fear a US-China condominium on issues of importance to New Delhi. This fear has receded as US-China relations have deteriorated since 2010, yet India remains sensitive about perceived inattention to its equities. And this concern is even more pronounced in Afghanistan and Pakistan, amid US withdrawal and policy turbulence. The US and India can do (much) better. Kerry’s visit is a start. Modi’s September visit will be pivotal. ...

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  • If Pakistan Provokes, Response Will Be ’Intense, Immediate’, New Army Chief Warns

    New Delhi, Aug 01, 2014: New Army Chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag today warned Pakistan that India’s response to any provocation - like the beheading of a soldier last year - would be "more than adequate, intense and immediate." On Thursday, outgoing Chief Bikram Singh had said India gave a "befitting reply" after an Indian soldier was beheaded by Pakistani troops in January, 2013, along the Line of Control. "It has been done. Please understand that when we use force, that use is from tactical to operational to strategic levels. When I mention that during that incident, it was aimed at operations at the tactical level, which have been undertaken. I think this has been done by the local commander, the Chiefs have nothing to do with it," General Singh said. General Suhag, who took charge on Thursday, was asked to clarify today what that "befitting reply" was. "My predecessor has already conveyed this yesterday, I can only tell you that our response to any such act will be more than adequate in future and it will be intense and immediate," he said, speaking to reporters after a Guard of Honour welcoming him as the new commander. Lance Naik Hemraj Singh was beheaded and another soldier was killed by Pakistani troops who crossed over into Indian territory in the Mendhar sector of Jammu and Kashmir on January 8 last year. That incident and a series of ceasefire violations took the strained ties between the neighbours to a new low. Later in August, five Indian soldiers were killed in an ambush in the same sector, in a joint attack by Pakistani Special Forces and terrorists. General Suhag said he would prioritize the effectiveness of the 1.3 million-strong force. "My focus will be my enhance the preparedness and the effectiveness of the Indian Army. I will ensure that our soldiers are motivated, they are comfortable, competently trained and are provided with latest weapons and equipment," he said. ...

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  • Sri Lanka apologises to Modi, Jayalalithaa

    Chennai: In a damage control exercise after an article on its defence ministry's website created an uproar in Tamil Nadu, the Sri Lankan government Friday tendered an "unqualified apology" to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and state Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa. "An article titled 'How meaningful are Jayalalitha's love letters to Narendra Modi?' had appeared on our website along with a graphical portrayal of Hon. Prime Minister of India and Hon Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu," read a statement hosted on the defence ministry's website. It said that the article "which had been published without appropriate authorization and not reflecting any official position" of the Sri Lankan government or the defence ministry has since been removed. "We extend an unqualified apology to the Hon Prime Minister of India and Hon Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu," it added. ...

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  • When I will write my own book, truth will come out: Sonia Gandhi on Natwar Singh’s allegations

    New Delhi, July 31, 2014 (Zee News): Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday reacted to former partyman Natwar Singh’s claim that she gave up the prime ministership in 2004 not because of her “inner voice”, but because of strong opposition from her son Rahul Gandhi. Sonia told Zee News that the truth will come out when she will write a book. “When I will write my own book, then the truth will come out,” Sonia said, commenting on former external affairs minister Natwar Singh’s allegations. “What can I say when asked, are you hurt? I have seen my husband getting assassinated... my mother-in-law getting killed by bullets. Lot many people say many things about us,” she told Zee News. Singh (83), an estranged Gandhi family friend who quit the Congress in 2008 after he had to resign from the UPA-I government in 2005 in the wake of the Iraqi food-for-oil scam, has claimed that it was not Sonia’s "inner voice" that prevented her, as she had stated at the time, to take up the PM’s post Singh further claimed in an interview to a TV channel that to persuade him from not referring to this particular episode in his soon-to-be-released autobiography, the Congress president along with her daughter Priyanka Gandhi met him on May 7 at his residence but he decided to disclose the facts as they were and tell the "truth". The book is titled "One Life is Not Enough: An Autobiography". "Rahul was totally against her mother becoming Prime Minister. He said she would be killed like his father and grandmother and as a son he would not allow to become the PM. He was very adamant," Singh said, recalling a May 18, 2004 meeting where Manmohan Singh, Gandhi family friend Suman Dubey, Priyanka and he were present. Manmohan Singh later went on to become the prime minister. Rahul’s opposition was conveyed to them by Priyanka, he said. Singh also endorsed the recent claim of former prime minister Manmohan Singh’s media adviser Sanjaya Baru that important government files were taken to Sonia by Pulok Chatterjee, who was in the PMO, saying any question of protest over this did not arise as she was the "foremost" leader. Manmohan backs Sonia Former prime minister Manmohan Singh has also slammed his former colleague Natwar Singh, for making allegations against the Congress chief. Manmohan refuted Singh’s claim that important files from the PMO used to be sent to Sonia Gandhi’s 10, Janpath residence. The former PM further advised Singh: “Some conversations that take place in private shouldn’t be used for capital.” ...

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  • Suhag takes over as new army chief

    New Delhi, General Dalbir Singh Suhag Thursday took over as the new chief of the 1.3 million strong Indian Army. He succeeds General Bikram Singh, who retired Thursday. The decision to appoint Suhag as the next army chief was taken by the former United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government during the general elections, and days before it demitted office. The BJP at that time objected to the decision. However, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley, soon after assuming charge, made it clear that there "shall be no controversy" over Suhag's appointment. Suhag's tenure as the 26th Chief of Army Staff will be of 30 months. An alumnus of Sainik School Chittorgarh, Suhag joined the National Defence Academy in 1970. The 59-year-old officer served as a company commander during "Op Pawan" in Sri Lanka, commanded the 53 Infantry Brigade that was involved in counter-insurgency operations in the Kashmir Valley, and commanded the 8 Mountain Division in Jammu and Kashmir. In 2012, he was put under a Discipline and Vigilance ban by then outgoing army chief Gen. V.K. Singh for a failed intelligence operation at Jorhat in Assam. The ban was revoked by General Bikram Singh, when he took over as the army chief, paving the way for Suhag's elevation as the Eastern Army Commander in June 2012. ...

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  • Commonwealth Games: Mangalorean high-jumper Sahana Kumari jumps into the finals

    Mangalore: Sahana Kumari, the national record-holder, was a lucky qualifier in the women’s high jump, despite failing to clear the qualifying height of 1.88m in the 20th Commonwealth Games at Glasgow. In fact, none of the 12 who were eventually picked for Friday’s final cleared this height. Sahana Kumari qualified for the final of women’s high jump after finishing seventh in the qualifying round with a below par effort of 1.81m.


    Sahana Nagaraj

    The best was 1.85. Sahana, who began by clearing a height of 1.66m, cleared the next three - 1.71, 1.76 and 1.81 on her first attempt.

    Sahana Kumari who hails from Kotekar near Mangalore is a National Record holder in high jump by scaling a height of  1.92 meters. She has also won medals in several state and national level events, but  could not live upto expectations in the London Olympics.

    Sahana who had her initial schooling at Anandashrama  School in Someshwar, later studied at Sri Gokarnanatheshwara College in Mangalore. Sahana created a new record at the university level in high jump  and again at the All India Inter University Level Sports Meet.

    Sahana Kumari also won gold in the women’s high jump in the 79th Railways Athletics Championships.


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  • Sri Rama Sene will not be allowed in Goa: Parrikar

    Panaji: Sri Rama Sene will not be allowed to set up a branch in the state, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar told the Goa legislative assembly Wednesday.

    Parrikar said this in a written reply tabled Wednesday in response to a question by ruling Bharatiya Janata Party legislator Vishnu Wagh.

    The chief minister also said that "no concrete evidence was found" to prove that Muthalik was attempting to create a communal divide in the state.

    The issue of the Sene, known for ransacking a pub in Mangalore and attacking young men and women there, starting a branch in Goa has been heavily debated by politicians as well as civil society here.

    Muthalik had called for a crackdown on what he called "pub culture" in Goa, which is known as the night-life capital in the country.

     Muthalik had also said that he would distribute swords and Bhagwad Gitas to Hindus, exhorting them to use the weapon if needed. ...

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  • Fake medicine practitioner to be identified through registration

    Bangalore: "It is a must for all Ayurvedic, Naturopathy, Sidda and Unani practitioners, except traditional healers, to get themselves registered under the biometric system", said Minister for Health and Family Welfare UT Khader said on Friday August 1, during a press meet in the city.

    However if a fake practitioner is identified for the first time, a fine of Rs 25, 000 would be levied. If identified the second time, the fine would be no less than Rs 2.5 lakh with an imprisonment of up to one year, Khader added.

    To counter the fake doctors problem in the State, the biometric system has been initated Khader  explained, he also said that around 40,000 registered Ayush doctors have already enrolled and many more are in line.

    In order to  make it convenient for doctors, the registration procedure has been provided online and all related information has been put up on the department website.

    He further said that 226 fake doctors have been booked after the Ayurveda and Unani doctors Association raided 2,896, so far. Khader said that additional ambulances would be provided soon. “Funding for 98 new ambulances from the State budget and 100 from the Centre has been given,” he said, adding that they were contemplating having ‘ambulance lanes’ to ensure that traffic jams did not obstruct the movement of ambulances.


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  • Pranab to unveil Gandhi statue in Bangalore

    Bangalore :Legislative Council Chairman D H Shankarmurthy on Friday said President Pranab Mukherjee will be invited to unveil the Mahatma Gandhi statue at the Vidhana Soudha on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2.

    Speaking to reporters, he said a committee set up to oversee the installation of the Gandhi statue took the decision to invite the President. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will personally meet Mukherjee soon and extend the invitation, he added. The committee is headed by the Council chairman. The chief minister, Public Works Minister H C Mahadevappa and Law Minister T B Jayachandra are its other members.

    The panel reviewed the progress of the project. Nearly 70 per cent of the work on the installation of the statue has been completed. The project is estimated to cost Rs 12 crore, he said. ...

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  • Bangalore Police team reshuffled, 2 women DCP’s inducted

    Bangalore: Following the string of Police gaffes in Bangalore, the police chief was replaced. Now, in a major reshuffle of IPS officers, the state government has reshuffled the entire Bangalore team. The new team has two women DCP’s Dr Rohini Katoch Sepat, who has been posted as DCP south-east division, which had witnessed sexual attacks on two school children and Former DCP(South) Sonia Narang, who has been made DCP (admin). All city law and order DCPs, except for DCP (West) Labhuram, have either been changed or reshuffled. Central DCP BR Ravikanthe Gowda has been moved out to Bijapur district as SP. He is replaced by Sandeep Patil. DCP (North East) T R Suresh will succeed Patil as DCP (North). Vikas Kumar Vikash has been made DCP (North East), while N Satheesh Kumar has been made DCP (East), B S Lokesh Kumar as DCP (South) and Y S Ravikumar posted as SP (Intelligence). KV Sharat Chandra, joint commissioner of police (law and order) -- who handled the case of the six-year-old's rape at a city school has been removed from the city and made DIG (training).Among the other major postings, RP Sharma has been removed from BMTF and posted as railways' additional DGP. He will be succeeded by T Suneel Kumar. The transfers seek to send a message to all bangaloreans, that the state government has taken steps to assuage their distress at the recent spate of rapes in the city. ...

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  • Belgaum: New born baby stolen, act caught on CCTV

    Belgaum, Aug 1, 2014: In an audacious act caught on CCTV, a woman has stolen a new born baby after entering the labour room at a well known hospital here. The CCTV visuals showed the unidentified woman walking away nonchalantly with the infant tucked in her clothes, police said today. The woman took away the infant from its grandmother at KLE Hospital here on Wednesday, saying it had to be administered vaccine. Belgaum District Superintendent of Police Chandragupta said police had obtained clues and were confident of nabbing the accused. ...

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  • Mustafa’s 5 year old daughter also a student of Vibgyor

    Bangalore :Mid uproar over the arrest and the subsequent taking back of the police claim that skating instructor Mustafa allegedly raped a six-year-old girl, it is found that his own daughter, 5, has been studying UKG in the same school. She has since been pulled out of the institution. "We have not been sending her to school even after it reopened from Monday. Since she is at home all the time now, she constantly questions us about her father, and we are forced to lie that Mustafa has gone out to conduct skating classes. She misses him very much and keeps crying that he is not there to spend time with her. We do not know how to pacify her much longer," Mustafa's aggrieved wife, Ayesha, told sources. Mustafa is still in police custody, as he is suspected of ''indirect involvement'' in the case. When sources visited Mustafa's home, his daughter was playing with her cousins, unaware of the grim reality that has gripped and shaken their entire household. "One day we tell her that he has gone out on important work, on another day we say he is busy practicing and teaching skating, and we try our level best to keep her occupied throughout the day. Since she is our only daughter, she and Mustafa share a very close bond. He used to pamper her all the time by bringing home chocolates and toys for her," Ayesha said. Due to numerous media reports over the past week allegedly incriminating her husband, Ayesha maintained that everyone at home was very tense. The family was also unable to celebrate Eid in their usual pomp and splendour. "Where is my brother right now? Why has he not come home? My parents, Murtuja, and Zarine, are heartbroken from the emotional trauma that Mustafa and our family has been put through. His reputation has suffered irreparable damage, simply because the police did a rash job of investigating and declared him to be the offender. Now they are saying he was not even present at the time of the incident. How can we believe a word they say anymore," said Ishrath, Mustafa's older sister. The family last saw Mustafa on July 17, before the police took him away. "I don't know what will become of my child as time passes, and I am quickly running out of excuses. Her academics are also hanging in the balance, because we have pulled her out of the school and want to get her admitted to another one. But when my husband returns, who will employ him? How can he sustain us? I have heard reports that he was fired from the previous school he was employed in for misbehaving with the girl students. This is absolutely untrue. He left because they were making him work too hard and not paying him enough," Ayesha explained. Mustafa's landlord, Mohammed Ghouse told sources that he had known the family for over seven years. "They have been my tenants for the past two years, but I know them very well. Thought Mustafa was the only one who used his laptop in the house, there was no such pornographic material or anything of the sort in it. He is a loving father and a good friend, and we pray that he is served justice soon," Ghouse said. ...

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  • Congress workers ransack party office in Bellary

    Bellary, Aug 1, 2014: About 100 Congress workers Friday ransacked their party office here after their local leaders were denied ticket to contest in a by-election in the state. The by-poll in question is to be held Aug 21 in the Bellary Rural assembly segment, 310 km from Bangalore. In what appeared to be a pre-meditated move, local television channels were alerted to telecast live the ruckus as party workers and supporters of local leaders broke into the office in a rented premises, smashed window panes, a television flat screen mounted on a wall, flower pots and furniture and tore posters and banners stuck on walls. "Our workers and supporters of local leaders are upset with the party’s choice to field N.Y. Gopalakrishna for the by-poll, as he is an outsider and a former lawmaker from Molakalmuru in the neighbouring Chitradurga district," a party official told IANS. The by-election was necessitated by the resignation of former BJP minister B.R. Sriramulu from the reserved constituency following his election from the Bellary reserved (ST) parliamentary constituency in the general elections. With Saturday being the last date for filing nominations, the ruling party’s state unit president G. Parameshwara and Chief Minister Siddaramaiah were under pressure to nominate one of the local leaders, with as many as 19 of them in the race for the elusive ticket. "In spite of conveying our strong feelings against nominating Gopalakrishna, Parameshwara and Siddaramaiah have recommended him for approval to the high command ignoring local leaders," the office-bearer in the party’s district unit said.Congress president Sonia Gandhi won from the Bellary Lok Sabha seat in October 1999 mid-term polls, defeating the then BJP candidate and present External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. The ruling party also short-listed Ganesh Hukkeri to contest from the Chikkodi-Sadalga assembly segment in the state’s northern region and Shantahaveerappa Gowda from the Shikaripura assembly constituency in the state’s Malnad region, where by-polls will be held on the same day (Aug 21). Ganesh Hukkeri is son of former Congress minister Prakash Hukkeri, who resigned the Chikkodi seat after winning in the recent polls from the Chikkodi parliamentary constituency. The Shikaripura assembly seat fell vacant following the election of former BJP chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa from the Shimoga Lok Sabha constituency. The opposition BJP has already selected its nominees for the three by-elections, while the regional Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) has decided not to enter the contest. The BJP’s nominees are Mahantesh Kavatagimath from Chikkodi, Obalesh from Bellary Rural and B.Y. Raghavendra from Shikaripura. Raghavendra, son of Yeddyurappa, represented the Shimoga Lok Sabha constituency in the previous term (2009-14). ...

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  • Chennai engineer 'buys' minor girl for Rs 1.3 lakh, sexually abuses her

    Cuddalore: A 54-year old engineer from Chennai had allegedly bought a 16-year old girl from her parents for Rs 1.3 lakh and sexually abused her for seven months. The man has been identified as S Kuppusamy, an assistant executive engineer with PWD in Chennai. Kuppusamy is absconding after a complaint was lodged with Cuddalore superintendent of police. The Cuddalore district police are on the lookout for him. While, the police has arrested vicitm's parents, who work as farm coolies a village in Cuddalore district and also two middlemen, Velmurugan and Arumugam. Police acted after Childline Cuddalore district coordinator received a complaint that a 16-year-old girl attempted suicide. After investigation, the team found the girl genuine and rescued the girl immediately and was sent to children’s home. Velmurugan and Arumugam had approached the girl’s parents and pressurised them to marry off their daughter to an engineer and offered them money in return. ...

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  • Kerry visits IIT; walks out impressed with students

    New Delhi, July 31, 2014: "Very exciting" and "excellent" were the words used by US Secretary of State John Kerry as he visited two laboratories at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology here today and interacted with the students. Kerry, who is here for the 5th Indo-US Strategic Dialogue, took time out of his schedule and visited the Applied Microbiology Laboratory and Bio-process lab. Professor R K Shevgaonkar, Director of the IIT, Delhi told PTI that the American Embassy had specifically mentioned the laboratories that Kerry wanted to visit. Dressed in a blue suit, Kerry interacted with the students there and asked a number of questions about the processes involved, the education fees, patent system and also if they would get a job in India or would they have to go out. Kerry was very pleased to see a research project on bio-degradable plastic. As a student explained the project to him, Kerry said, "Very exciting. It would be a huge contribution to the world. Very exciting. Fantastic". Kunal Gupta, who is part of the project, said he was proud that Kerry visited his institute. "I am very proud to be part of a institute which is recognised in the US as well. They (US) have done a lot of research which is much ahead of us and Kerry’s visit to the institute makes us feel very good," said Gupta. Kerry also visited the lab which was using algae to clean water and to produce biomass. ...

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  • High levels of antibiotics found in poultry

    New Delhi :Fresh evidence on rampant misuse of antibiotics in the poultry industry surfaced on Wednesday as Delhi-based NGO Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) found high levels of six antibiotics in 40 per cent of raw chicken samples they analysed. The Rs 50,000 crore poultry industry favours large scale, unregulated use of antibiotic as growth promoter, going against the government-recommended regulatory measures. Several expert panels set up by the World Health Organisation and other agencies in the past had demonstrated adverse human health consequences due to non-human usage of antimicrobial as organisms become resistant to antibiotics. India's 2011 policy for containment of antimicrobial resistance cited several examples of how indiscriminate use of antibiotics can led to serious health issues. Misuse of the antibiotic avoparcin as a growth promoter in food animals in Europe resulted in the development and amplification of vancomycin-resistant enterococci, which is a cause of concern as vancomycin is used as a last-line antibiotic for some hospital-acquired infections. To check the extent of misuse, CSE tested 70 chicken samples picked up from Delhi and its satellites townships of Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad. As much as 40 per cent of the samples were found to contain antibiotic residue. Several studies in the last decade documented misuse of antibiotics in poultry and animal farming and associated health risks. CSE found 23 per cent samples contain only one antibiotic, while 17 per cent samples have more than one. The study has not been published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. The antibiotics screened are oxytetracycline, chlorotetracycline, doxycycline, enrofloxacin, ciprofloxacin and neomycin. None of the samples contain neomycin. The poultry industry, claims CSE's deputy director-general Chandra Bhusan, uses antibiotics as growth promoter to cut down on feed cost and increase the profit margin. This goes against a 2007 norm prepared by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which stipulates antibiotics should not be used as growth promoters. ...

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  • Auto driver rapes minor dalit girl, arrested

    Bantwal : An auto driver has heen arrested for allegedly raping a minor dalit girl by the Bantwal rural police.

    The accused is identified as Samrath a resident of Uggabettu in Vagga.

    The girl was working in a cashew factory located in Pachaje in Vogga. He had taken her to a interior place and raped her. Due to this she became pregnant.The parents came to know about this when they took her for a check up in a private hospital in Mangalore.

    As the girl is a minor, a case has been registered against the accused.

    Bantwal circle inspector Belliyappa and his team are investigating the matter.

    A case has been registered in Bantwal rural police station here on Friday August 1.

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  • Heavy rains; 2-yr old killed as wall collapses

    Karkala: The Incessant rains coupled with stormy winds over the past three days in the district claimed the life of a 2-year-old at Kaje Banglegudde.

    The deceased child has been identified as Sai Bhuvan, the only son of Sanjay and Shruti, residents of Kesarugadde in Beluvai.

    On Saturday August 2, early in the morning at around 4.00 am, the wall of the rented house in which the family was sleeping collapsed. A large part of the wall fell on the infant killing him on the spot.

    It is learnt that the house belongs to a person named Surendra Nayak, a timber merchant. Sanjay is said to be employed as a Lorry driver with Surendra.

    Sanjay used to stay at his house on rent for the past four years.

    MLA V Sunil Kumar, former MLA H Gopal Bhandari, Tashildar Raghevandra visited the family and condoled.

    District-in-charge mister Vinay Kumar Sorake and district commissioner are also scheduled to visit the family.


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  • Udupi Muslim Okkoota protests against Israel attack on Palestine

    Udupi: G Rajashekhar,  noted thinker and President of the Udupi district unit of the Komu Sauharda Vedike has said that the  Israeli attack on Gaza in Palestine  should be condemned in the strongest possible words by everyone. He also expressed his concern over the atrocities committed on Palestinian civilians including women, children and aged.

    Muslim Okkoota

    Rajashekhar was addressing a protest meet organised by the Udupi District Muslim Okkoota  near the Clock Tower in the town on Agust 1, Friday  condemning the attack on Palestine.

    Udupi MLA Pramod Madhwaraj  also  spoke on the occasion. Khatib Abdul Rashid,  Mohamamd Idris, Mohammad Haneef and other leaders of the Okkoota took part in the protest.


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  • Two cars collide, one dead

    Bantwal: A 20 year old boy died in an accident that took place at Navoor. The deceased was identified as Zameer(20).Rizwan and Zameer were heading towards Bantwal in a car from Belthangady. Near Poylodi in Navoor the car rammed into another oncoming car.

    accident in bantwal 1

    Both were injred seriously and were taken to private hospital in Mangalore.Doctors could not save Zameer who was injured.A case has been registered here at the Bantwal rural police station. ...

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  • Rs 2 cr valuables robbed from Annappa Swamy Temple

    Mangalore: Unidentified thieves robbed a gold mask and gold ornaments from the Annappa Swamy located at Permude, Bajpe, in the wee hours of Friday August 1. The police have reached the spot of the incident and have been collecting and examining evidence and clues; the estimated cost of the ornaments is approximately around Rs 2 crores. Annappa Swamy temple was built by Yadav Kotian the proprietor of Divya Roopa constructions, in front of his house. Reportedly, the robbers broke the temple door and robbed the valuables, which included a gold mask and a gold tongue embedded on the idol apart from which they also stole ornaments and the offering box placed at the temple. The police are investigating the crime; the forensic expert as well as the canine squad has been scrutinizing the crime spot. Fortunately the footage of the CCTV is available and under the police custody, which is the main evidence in the case. A case has been registered in the Bajpe police station. ...

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  • Heavy rain in DK and Udupi, schools and colleges declare holiday on Saturday

    Mangalore, August 1, 2014: DK and Udupi district administrations declared a holiday for schools and colleges in the respective districts on Saturday following heavy rain. The continuous rain that lashed the districts on Thursday night and Friday compelled the district administrations to declare the holiday for educational institutions. According to the meteorological department, Amasebail in Kundapur taluk of Udupi district recorded maximum rainfall of 232mm in Karnataka in the last 24-hours up to 8.30am on August 1. Karnataka for the period July 26 to August 1 recorded surplus rainfall of 35%. Against normal weighted average rainfall of 59.3mm in south-interior, north-interior, Malnad and coastal parts, state recorded rainfall of 80mm. For 24-hours period ending 8.30am on August 1, four geographical regions received 20.8mm actual weighted average rainfall against normal weighted average rainfall of 8.8mm, a 137% surplus departure from normal. ...

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  • Rs 13.75 crore for enhancing beach tourism: DC

    Mangalore: The District Tourism Development Committee held a meeting under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim on Thursday July 31. The Central government has sanctioned Rs 50 crore has been to develop the coastal tourism. In the Dakshina Kannada district alone, around Rs 13.75 crore has been sanctioned. The DC informed that the money will be utilized for the development of five beaches, those are Surathkal, Someshwar, Ullal, Talapady and Sulthan Batteri. DC A B Ibrahim said that the tourism potential of the beaches will be explored by emphasizing on cleanliness, beautification and maintenance of these beaches. Segments such as sign boards, pedestrian seating, landscape walkway, highmast lighting, life guards watch tower, garbage bins, parking and public convenience facilities, improving approach roads and other works will be taken up. Also elements such as appointment of security guards, organizing beach festivals, surfing events, and implementing recommendations of Swaminathan Committee Report on Tourism too will be the part of promoting beach development, said the DC. Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Tulasi Maddineni, Joint Commissioner Gokuldas Nayak and Congress leader Mohiuddin Bava were also was present during the meeting along with other officials. ...

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  • Mangalore TP meet cancelled for want of quorum

    Mangalore, Aug 01, 2014: The Mangalore Taluk Panchayat meeting scheduled to be held on July 31, Thursday had to be cancelled for lack of quorum. As many as 19 members of the BJP including Vice President Prakash had abstained making it imperative to adjourn the meeting to August 12.

    As per rules, the Taluk Panchayat should meet once in every two months. Though the meeting was scheduled on July 31 at 10.30 am, most members did not arrive even until 11.10 am. Only 15 Congress members including Yusuf, President of the Standing Committee on Social Justice and a nominated GP Chief were present. Prakash, a member from Hosabettu questioned how long they will have to wait. TP Executive Officer Vishwanath Poojary tried to clarify that most of the members had abstained as a former Taluk Panchayat member has passed away. Finally TP Chief Rajani announced that the meeting has been adjourned to August 12. A Congress member was overheard saying that the BJP members had deliberately abstained as they lost the post of presidentship. The demise of a former TP Member is just an excuse, he said. ...

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Mumbai Rounds
  • Every actor finds intimate scenes hard: Richa Chadda

    Bollywood, August 1: Actress Richa Chadda, who will be next seen with Nikhil Dwivedi in romance-thriller ’Tamanchey’, feels that everyone finds intimate scenes difficult. The film will see Richa and Nikhil getting cosy on-screen. "It (love making scenes) is difficult for everyone to do. There are too many people around.. It is a very technical... Done frame by frame. It is very difficult. Any actor always finds it hard to do an intimate scene," Richa told reporters here at the trailer launch of ’Tamanchey’ last night. Her co-star Nikhil also echoes the similar sentiments. "It is very difficult to shoot love making scenes.. It is easy to do stunts, get beaten up and other things in a film," he said.

    ’Tamanchey’ is a story of Babu (Richa Chadda) and Munna (Nikhil Dwivedi) and their twisted love story on a backdrop of gangsters, violence and crime. In this film, Richa will be seen mouthing foul dialogues. Richa was seen in a similar avatar of ’Bholi Punjaban’ in the film ’Fukrey’. But she insists the two characters are different from each other. "I had worked on this film before ’Fukrey’. There is no similarity between the character that I played in ’Fukrey’ and ’Tamanchey’. The only thing that is similar is that both the girls are confident. But in this film, this woman uses her charm, sexuality to her advantage," Richa said. The film directed by Navneet Behal is set to release on September 19. "I am always nervous before the release of any film. This film took a lot out of everybody. It was a challenging film and it was difficult for us to keep it engaging," Richa said. ...

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  • Yellur chaos; Dabbawalas protest in Mumbai

    Mumbai: The police action against Marathi-speaking people at Yellur in Karnataka has prompted protests by political parties in Maharashtra, with the Shiv Sena calling it as an act of 'terror' and seeking Centre's intervention in the 'disputed' region.

    Displaying the same anger, the Mumbai dabbawalas protested against the ill-treatment meted out to Marathi-speaking people in Karnataka, at Lower Parel in Mumbai.

    Police had on Sunday lathicharged a group of pro-Maharashtra supporters who threw stones at them at Yellur after a 'Maharashtra Rajya' plaque re-erected by them was removed by the district administration.

    Pro-Maharashtra supporters had on Saturday re-erected a controversial signboard at Yellur after the previous one was razed to the ground by Public Works Department on Friday following a High Court order.


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  • An Obama dinner invite for a differently-abled Indian girl

    Mumbai: Next week, US President Barack Obama and his wife will host 12 differently-abled people from all over the world, including one from Mumbai, for an exclusive dinner at the White House.

    The lucky Mumbaikar from suburban Goregaon is athlete Neha P. Naik, 23, who is a Special Olympics International Global Messenger, besides taking part in the 100 metres and shot-put events.

    "It is a great honour and I feel very good. It's the best birthday gift I can get," an excited Neha told IANS here, in the midst of last-minute preparations for the momentous occasion slated at the White House July 31.

    She turns 24 July 27, her equally excited mother Asha and realtor father Prakash Naik said. The family originally hails from Goa and is now settled in Mumbai.

    For the event, Neha will be accompanied by her mentor and teacher Jonita Rodrigues of the 33-year-old Punarvas Education Society's Shri Devrajji Gundecha Punarvas Special School & Vocational Training Centre for Mentally Handicapped.

    Asha said that Neha was born a normal child, but suffered high fever at the age of five, which affected her natural mental growth.

    "We admitted her to a regular school, but she just couldn't cope up with her studies. Later, as we realized that she was a different child, we admitted her to Punarvas school," she said.

    Since then, Prakash and Asha dedicated their entire life for Neha - their only child - looking after her special requirements, needs and extra-curricular activities.

    At Punarvas, though she lagged behind in studies, Neha more than made up in her speaking abilities and athletics.

    She is gifted with a unique, convincing manner of speaking and addressing audiences, leaving a permanent impression on the listener, said Asha.

    This talent is what got her an opportunity to represent India as a SOIGM since the past five years around the world.

    Something that she plans to display before President Obama, if granted an opportunity.

    "I plan to inform him about the special needs of special children all over the world. How they need more educational institutions, hostels and then suitable jobs to make them truly independent in society," Neha said earnestly.

    She explained that there are many special children in farflung areas in India who cannot come up in or cope with life as they don't have proper educational facilities within reach.

    Neha, who plans to don a Anarkali Salwar Kameez suit for the White House dinner, has already conveyed her love for cooking and savouring Indian and Chinese non-vegetarian cuisine!

    The White House dinner - for which she flies early Tuesday - has been organised by the Special Olympics.

    In fact, her family credits Special Olympics for giving independence and confidence to Neha to address large audiences and share her experiences and excitement with the world, including at the 2013 Special Olympics in Korea.

    Besides, she also participates in Special Olympics athletic events and trains young athletes in India, teaches reading and writing skills to others youngsters requiring special attention.

    When asked about her plans to settle down in life, Asha laughs.

    "Neha's priority is to get a good job and become independent before settling down. She is studying computer programming and web-designing and is hopeful of getting a suitable placement. Marriage can always follow," Asha said.

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Gulf Rounds
  • Varamahalaxmee Pooja held in Al Gusais – Dubai

    Dubai, Aug 1, 2014: “Varamahalaxmee Pooja Samithi” cordially invites you for the upcoming Pooja event to be held on 8th August 2014 at Indian Academy School, Al Gusais – Dubai. Sraavana masam is also a highly auspicious month in Hindu philosophy flooded with festivals. The most important festival which we celebrate here is the Varamahalaxmee vartha. Varalakshmi vratam is performed in the Shravana Masa, Shukla Paksha Shukravara, that is, the Friday immediately following the full moon day in the auspicious month of Shravana. This pooja is undertaken by the women for prosperity, good health, and to wish long life for their husbands. There are eight forces or energies known as Sri (Wealth), Bhu (Earth), Sarasvati (Learning), Priti (Love), Kirti (Fame), Santi (Peace), Tushti (Pleasure) and Pushti (Strength). Each one of these forces is called a Lakshmi and all the eight forces are called the Ashta Lakshmis. The 8 forms of Ashtalakshmi are – Aadi Lakshmi, Dhaanya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santaana Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Vidhya Lakshmi & Dhana Lakshmi. Lord Shiva explained to Goddess Parvathi that this is the only Vratha which gives the devotee the 8 types of wealth. And hence, it is believed that, those who perform the Varalakshmi Pooja with devotion and dedication will be blessed with health, wealth and prosperity. ...

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  • Kannada Sangha Bahrain conducts carrom tourney

    Bahrain: The State award winning Kannada Sangha Bahrain  recently organised a day-long Carom tournament  for its members.

    Bhasker Acharya and Lolakshi Rajaram won the championships in the men’s and women’s singles event respectively. In the doubles event, the award went to BK Shetty and Ummar Saheb in the men’s category.

    Carrom Tournament 1

    Carrom Tournament 1

    Carrom Tournament 1

    Carrom Tournament 1

    Carrom Tournament 1

    Carrom Tournament 1

    Carrom Tournament 1

    Carrom Tournament 1

     Rajesh Shetty, President of the Sangha, A.D. Mohan, former president, Jayaraj Bhandari, Sports Secretary and Bhasker Acharya, Carrom Captain distributed the prizes to the winners.

    The tourney was sponsored by Nagesh Shetty Karmar.

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  • Monrovia : Mother Mary’s IMAGE appears on the wall of a prayer room

    Liberia:  There is a joy and hope on the faces of the people residing near the outskirts of Monrovia City when a Catholic lady who is said to have been praying for the people of the country and was doing a novena prayer in honour of MARY - UNDOER OF KNOTS surprisingly found Mother Mary’s image self appearing on the cement wall in her house on the 4th day of the Novena last Thursday.









    On speaking to the lady who is popularly known as AC, she said that she was surprised to see the image on the wall which was plain. She being a very simple lady refused to pose for a picture and to give an interview. People from all parts of Monrovia have been pouring to her house to see the appearance of Mother Mary on the wall which includes Priests, Catholics  & the majority being non-Catholic people. Many people informed that the image appears to be like Jesus Christ and some people feel it is the image of Mother Mary.

    Some of the visitors have started lighting candles and praying before the image. A number of people from the town of diverse ages saw the apparition which they say is growing darker day by day. The neighbourhood and some of the Catholics who know her well from a very long time have informed that Mrs A.C. Gadegbeku is a devote silent lady who is very prayerful and a generous person. It is learnt that there was no message received but many from the neighbourhood have been interpreting it as a message.

    People are eager to know and are happy to see the apparition. I myself with my parishioners went to this place to see the image as this is the talk of the town. We were lucky enough to get into the place inspite of the big crowd and were allowed to click some photos and take some videos. The image appears natural without any work of human hands and it is on the height of about 10 feet from the floor and is very much visible from the first floor of the house.

    Liberia in West Africa having a population of about 3.5 Million was Africa’s first Republic and is currently ruled by the continent’s first female President who is also a Nobel Laureate. Sadly however Liberia is now probably best known for a long running and brutal conflict that ran for most of the period 1989 to 2003 is now badly affected by a highly contagious Ebola virus which is one of the most deadly diseases in the world and has no cure.

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